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New Indie Singles (January 2019)

We're not even through the first month of 2019, yet so much great new music has been released in the past few weeks alone. This post highlights six new tracks that have landed on our music radar - from White Lies, Antonioni, Love In October, Rule of Young, Running Red Lights, and Deter. Read on and be sure to give these indie bands a listen!

WHITE LIES | "Tokyo"

London-based alternative/indie rock trio White Lies releases the fourth single ("Tokyo") leading up to their forthcoming studio album, Five. Weaving bold, 80's-sounding synths into the mix, the sound here is nothing short of massive, with an ultra-catchy, arena-like chorus that will surely have you singing along. Check out the track's accompanying music video, directed by David Pablos, that the band describes as both "mad and wonderful."

ANTONIONI | "Stutter-Step"

"Stutter-Step" is taken from The Odds Were All Beating Me, the impressive new EP from Seattle indie rock group Antonioni. To be honest, every one of the five tracks on this stunning release could be a single. With their unique brand of dreamy, soft grunge, and strong emotive vocals that remind me of Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Belly), Antonioni is clearly an emerging presence from the Northwest to keep on your musical radar.

LOVE IN OCTOBER | "I Don't Want To Die Tonight"

Taken from their forthcoming album Shapes, Chicago-based indie rock band Love In October releases its new single "I Don't Want To Die Tonight." This sibling duo, comprised of Erik (guitar, vocals) and Kent Widman (bass), hails from Sweden, was formed in Minneapolis, and has released six albums since 2006. With a charged, in-your-face vibe reminiscent of Pixies, The Strokes and Nirvana, Love In October's new single is an attention grabber that "captures the daily panic that we all feel from the pressures of the world."

RULE OF YOUNG | "Surrender"

Cleveland indie prog/pop group Rule of Young uses piano, vocals and upright bass to create its signature sound. With daytime professions of physician, accountant and masters student of music, the trio's impressive new single, "Surrender", was produced by multi-platinum producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Something Corporate) and boasts strong melody, tight harmonies and catchy pop hooks.

RUNNING RED LIGHTS | "Calls of Prudence"

"Calls of Prudence" is the moody, sorrowful new single from Toronto indie pop/folk band Running Red Lights. A song in which one can find solace, the band remarks, "It was penned during a moment where I felt myself longing for the vibrancy of youth, the thrill of experiencing things for the first time." Lose yourself in the introspective musical depths of this impressive track and take in the song's accompanying cinematic music video.

DETER | "Pull Me Under"

Glasgow-based five-piece 'dreamo' alt rock band Deter makes its debut with the charged and guitar-driven single "Pull Me Under." With solid songwriting and lovely guitar hooks at the bridge, this energetic, yet reflective track plants a firm foundation for this emerging band.

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