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Steppes | New singles from Michigan indie/alternative band

Photo of Steppes by Zach Elwart

Let me just start this post by stating how impressed I am with the tight, polished sound and well-written songs from emerging indie/alternative band Steppes. Hailing from mid-Michigan and formed in 2017, this three-piece outfit, consisting of Joshua Kemp (lead vocals, guitar), Caleb Doering (lead guitar), and Austin Holicki (drums), has released their first three singles during 2018. While still in their infancy, Steppes has shared stages with national acts that include Bad Bad Hats and Soccer Mommy, as well as local Michigan legends Michigander, Joe Hertler, and Mike Mains.

After just one listen to their music, there's clearly some chemistry and synergy within this band that enables them to produce such captivating. charged tracks with killer guitar riffs, soaring vocals and infectious melodies.

"Marceline the Vampire" is the band's most recent single. This high-energy rock anthem really showcases the band's ability to deliver killer hooks, tight melodies and ultra-catchy verses and chorus that will get you jamming and singing along. The song reminds me a lot of the fueled energy and passionate vocals of indie/electronic band Melody Club. The band's press release notes that the song is inspired, in part, by Pendleton Ward's creation, Adventure Time, and features the name and characteristics of Marceline, a vampire in a post-apocalyptic world with a love for music.

Accumulating over 60,000 plays on Spotify, the band's second single,"Rachel", has garnered significant radio success and inclusion on playlists. The stripped down intro to the track, with smooth, melodic vocals really makes this track stand out from the very beginning. The guitar riff, slight timing change and drum sequence do a killer job of transitioning to this song's powerful chorus.

Finally, we look back to January 2018 and the band's debut single, "Go (Starting Over)". The fingerstyle guitar solo perfectly complements Josh's heartfelt vocals, with this track gently building to its melodic chorus. The band recorded an official music video for this single.

STEPPES "GO (STARTING OVER)" (Official Music Video)

The band plans to continue releasing additional singles for the foreseeable future - new music that is definitely worth waiting for, based on the three impressive releases to date. Until then, you can keep up with news and upcoming performances from the band on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and find their music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Spotify.

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