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AMFM | This Town (new single)

Press photo of AMFM by Abner James

When I started writing SoundThread Music Blog two years ago, I can remember discovering the debut, self-titled EP from NYC-based indie rock band AMFM - the musical project of singer-songwriter and guitarist David Caruso. EP tracks "Heroes" and "Broom" were impressive and immediately caught my attention, and put AMFM on my mental list of "bands to watch." Fast forward to present day and "This Town", the brand new single from AMFM.

"This Town" sounds like summer and feels like a carefree, breezy drive down the coast - windows down, top off, beaming sun - a truly refreshing release. The musical elements of this song all contribute to its spacious and anthemic atmosphere - from the prominent piano-induced depth at the onset, to the elegant, perfectly inserted guitar hooks that provide transition to the song's rhythmic, cresting chorus with David's smooth, melodic vocals. The crisp, warm, indie pop production, provided by the team of David and Harper James (Eighty Ninety, Degraw Sound) elevates this already-stunning composition to yet another level.

SoundThread caught up with David to gather some insight into the origin of the single and the songwriting process. David explains the unusual way in which "This Town" came to life: "I had just got a new acoustic guitar and I began playing one of the most common chord progressions in the world. I immediately heard the song sonically in my head, along with the melody." As for the lyrical theme, David elaborates, "I started babbling the current lyrics, more or less, in a non-serious fashion. Really, because they fit rhythmically...but then I noticed that they were really relevant in relation with a lot of feelings that are out there these days. 'This Town' became one of those songs that pretty much wrote itself."

I recently had the pleasure of catching an impressive AMFM performance at this year's Degraw Fest in Brooklyn. While David writes and plays all instruments (minus drums) from a studio perspective, the live band lineup includes Ben Rice (bass), Harper James (guitars), and Dave Scalia (drums).

AMFM Live Performance at 2018 Degraw Fest

AMFM Live Performance at Degraw Fest (Littlefield, Brooklyn, NY - August 4, 2018)

"This Town" is the first single from AMFM's forthcoming EP, Brevity, which is set for a September 2018 release. Be sure to give "This Town" and AMFM's past releases a listen until we get our ears on the band's upcoming new release.

For more information about AMFM, visit the band's official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), and find AMFM's music on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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