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Queue | Float Away (new single)

Press photo of NYC band Queue

NYC-based indie rock band Queue has just released their spectacular new single "Float Away," the first new music from the band since 2017's dreamy and delicate "Aimless Kid." Making music together since early 2016, Queue is comprised of Olivia Price, Aida Mekonnen, and Steve Vannelli.

Over the past two years, two of Queue's singles ("Falling Into Skies", "Frontier") have been featured on Spotify's Fresh Sounds playlists, and their single “More” was featured on Consequence of Sound and described as a "soft yet scintillating track that teeters between dream folk and indie rock." When SoundThread first heard Queue's previous single, "Aimless Kid," it was clear that this talented band was soon going to be making waves in the indie music scene.

"Float Away" immediately caught our attention with its breezy, Slowdive-like intro and shimmering guitar hooks. Queue band member Olivia elaborates on the theme and inspiration behind this lovely track. She tells SoundThread, "The song was written from the perspective of someone struggling with their mental health while being in a relationship. It’s essentially a 'thank you' to their partner for remaining patient, understanding, and supportive while the other goes through frequent periods of withdrawal." Recorded at Brooklyn's Degraw Sound studios, and produced by Ben Rice, "Float Away" emits pure, sweet melody and genuine emotion with its lovely vocal style and harmony, accompanied by honest, expressive lyrics: "We don't know simple | But you know best | and you know I float away sometimes."

Both "Float Away" and "Aimless Kid" are to be featured on the band's forthcoming EP, due for release this year. For more information about Queue, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), visit their official website, and find their music on Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

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