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Stefano Guzzetti | Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two (new album)

I truly treasure the atmospheric, introspective music of neoclassical Sardinian composer and pianist Stefano Guzzetti, and am continually impressed with each new collection of his compositions. Dedicated to his sister Francesca: "a beautiful and lovely tiny paper ship," his new album, Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two, is the proper sequel to At Home. Piano Book (Volume One), his equally-as-stunning debut masterpiece from 2014. This is the music I save for sunny and snowy Sunday mornings, late night mood music, and any-time-of-day inspirational headphone-friendly mood music. It's music that calms and soothes the soul, transporting you to a simpler, gentler time and place.

The nine contemplative compositions on Short Stories generate an aura of calm and rejuvenation that emanates from Stefano's artful and carefully executed piano performances. It's difficult to find the words that do proper justice to adequately describe such beautiful instrumental music. Having said that, I therefore encourage you to explore Stefano's music for yourself - finding the right time and moment to allow Short Stories to take you away, and ground yourself. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Just as Stefano's music is attentive to detail, atmosphere and presentation, the same applies to the physical and artistic presentation. Stefano has worked with renowned photographers and designers including Marc Atkins, Vaughan Oliver, Shinro Ohtake, and Chris Bigg among others to provide the perfect artistic packaging and visual accompaniment to his music. Photography and imagery for Short Stories was provided by Renata Floris. The special edition of Short Stories is presented in an individually numbered package, that includes the CD in a four-panel recycled card, plus a 40-page A5 music score booklet of the album signed by Stefano. Beautiful packaging, I must say!

Special edition of Home Stories. Piano Book Volume Two

With that, I leave you with a video of Stefano's home studio performance of Short Stories album track "Welcome", with video production by Fiorella Sanna.

STEFANO GUZZETTI "WELCOME" (Live Home Studio Performance)

For more information about Stefano Guzzetti and his music, visit his official website, follow him on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), and find his music on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.

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