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Step Rockets | Past Life (new single)

Press photo of Step Rockets

Minneapolis-based indie/alternative trio Step Rockets is back with "Past Life," their first new single since the release of 2017's electric indie rock anthem, "Money." After just one listen to "Past Life," this outstanding new Step Rockets song, with its infectious, upbeat chorus, will undeniably take up residence in your mental jukebox.

Comprised of Joshua Schmidt, Brady Lillie, and Johnny Syn, Step Rockets have produced a string of successful singles over the past few years (e.g., "Kisser", "West Coast", "Money"), have released a stunning debut EP (2016's Future Nature), and have had their music featured in TV shows and commercials, including Showtime's Shameless, and ABC's Cougar Town. Presenting their signature blend of indie pop and classic rock, new single "Past Life" speaks to the feelings of déjà vu that people sometimes experience in relationships - the sense of each partner having known each other forever, or in a past life.

SoundThread recently caught up with Step Rockets lead singer Joshua Schmidt, who elaborates on the song's conception: "Those moments are felt by most everyone at one time or another and they are so mysterious. I'm not sure if I believe in reincarnation, but that would certainly explain a lot of things about life. Brady and I were in LA when we wrote this song. We were feeling delirious from the heat because it was over 100 degrees for the few days we were staying. We got on the topic of heatwaves and snowstorms and how each season feels like a past life almost in the Midwest." Josh continues, "We brought the idea the title into the studio and the song came to life. It was an easy topic for us since a lot of our lives lately have been about being witnessing the cycle of life. I think it fits in great with the other material we will be releasing this year."

We asked Josh to give us a glimpse into the songwriting and recording process that results in an infectious, polished track like "Past Life." He explains, "This particular song was co-written with Scavenger Hunt, so it was quiet different than some of our other material. This was a a full on co-write right down to the lyrics and melodies. We then brought the stems back from LA and went to work on the track. Once we had the lyrics, melody, and hooks, we let John pump some life into the rhythm and massaged the track into what you hear now. Each track is like an egg. Sometimes you have to sit on it for awhile and let it grow and mature. This particular track happened fast and was born several months after conception."

The band recently wrapped up a series of performances at this year's celebrated SXSW Music Festival - the second time they've participated in the event. We asked Josh what was most memorable about the experience. "One of the most memorable shows was playing in a strange hotel convention center," Josh relates. "We didn't think anyone knew about the show or was going to come but many people from around the world ending up appearing right before we played. It was great to see people from all different walks of life enjoying our music. Only at SXSW can you get such an eclectic mix of fans."

"Past Life" is just the first taste of new music and anticipated performances from Step Rockets in the near future. Josh reveals, "We have more music and videos lined up for release this year. We are looking forward to our hometown release show this May 11 and hope to be back on the road again this summer."

Definitely check out a Step Rockets live performance if you can. Having attended their live shows twice, I can honestly tell you that they put on some of the best and most polished live performances I've ever seen. For more information about Step Rockets, visit their website, follow on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), and find their music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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