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Different Cloud | démo #1 (debut EP)

Photo of Different Cloud (Maxime Lefebvre)

Different Cloud is the solo musical project of French singer-songwriter Maxime Lefebvre. I recently heard his music on Bandcamp and was immediately impressed after my first listen to his six-track debut EP, simply entitled démo #1. Recorded over a two-month period in mid-2017, the original compositions on this EP sound much more like fresh, well-produced tracks than demos. As a guitarist who also plays bass, drums and piano, Maxime cites his musical influences as rock, folk, blues, pop and some psychedelic music - elements that are apparent across the songs on démo #1.

démo #1 leads off with "Time to Rise," an energetic, catchy song with a charged, psychedelic vibe. With a vocal style reminiscent of Kurt Ralske (Ultra Vivid Scene) and great guitar riffs (think mid-90's Throwing Muses), this is clearly a standout track on the EP. "Flee" is soft and melodic, with a bit of shoegaze influence. The reverb and guitar effects throughout the song add a lovely, shimmering touch to the overall sound. The Western-influenced "Utopian Real," with its lonesome-sounding guitar and tempo changes, presents the most psychedelic-influenced track on the EP. "Stardust" gleams of 90's-inspired indie rock in a style similar to and equally as outstanding as "Time to Rise."

My favorite track, "The Issue," offers a striking blend of strummed acoustic guitar with Western/psychedelic-influenced electric guitar undertones, and smooth, easygoing vocals that guide the listener along the song's journey.


For more information about Different Cloud, visit the official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and find Different Cloud's music on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

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