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Eighty Ninety | Your Favorite Song (Loote Remix)

Press photo of Eighty Ninety by Tristan A Oliveira

It was just a few months ago that Brooklyn-based indie duo Eighty Ninety released "Your Favorite Song," their brilliant single that caught significant attention from indie press sites and listeners around the globe. The single followed on the success of their debut EP Elizabeth, which includes their breakthrough single "Three Thirty" - currently clocking over 15 million plays on Spotify.

Coining their music genre as "808s and telecasters", Eighty Ninety is comprised of siblings Abner and Harper James. The duo writes, performs, produces and mixes all their music, fusing their classic songwriting approach with modern, minimalist pop production.

Just when you thought "Your Favorite Song" couldn't get any better, the band now unveils the Loote Remix of the song - the stunning result of their recent collaboration with NYC pop duo Loote (Jackson Foote, Emma Lov Block). The remix shines the spotlight on the core elements of the original version of "Your Favorite Song", and provides a fresh, fun, pop-focused interpretation of the track.

SoundThread Music Blog recently caught up with Eighty Ninety and posed a few questions to gain some insight into the collaboration with Loote. We also learned some exciting news about upcoming performances from the band:

"Your Favorite Song" has been one of our favorite songs (pun intended) here at SoundThread Music Blog. The Loote Remix sounds incredible! How did your collaboration with Loote come about?

We’ve never had anyone officially remix an Eighty Ninety track before — but when we heard Loote’s music on Spotify we both had the same thought. We love that Loote’s music places so much value on storytelling and melody, with production made to serve rather than overpower the song. (See for yourself - the acoustic versions of their tracks work so well). The same is true of their remixes, which distill the highlights of a song and double down on those best elements while reinterpreting the overall vibe in a way that still resonates with the song’s original meaning. So, we reached out to their team and were very happy when they agreed to collaborate - and they knocked this remix out of the park for all those reasons.

Loote has had some significant success remixing and co-writing songs with well-known artists, as well as releasing their own songs. What was it like working with Loote?

Loote has worked with a lot of huge names in the pop world - Shawn Mendes, Lauv, Mike Posner, Demi Lovato, and Cheat Codes to name a few - and our writing as Eighty Ninety always has at least one foot planted in pop. It was fun to take a song like “Your Favorite Song”, which has maybe our pop-iest leaning melody, and go all the way there with it.

What's next for Eighty Ninety in terms of upcoming performances and future releases?

We’re very excited to be touring up to SXSW this year and are in high gear planning for that. The first announced show is a showcase hosted by one of our favorite music blogs (This New Band) on March 11th called the Decent Showcase (check socials for details!). It's hosted some artists we really admire in the past, so we’re excited to kick off the festival playing it. We’re definitely going to be playing in NYC soon as well, and will continue to release music this spring leading up to our next EP Bowery Beach Road.

If you haven't yet heard the original version of "Your Favorite Song," have a listen and watch Eighty Ninety's official music video for the song:


For more information and news about Eighty Ninety, visit their official website, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and find their music on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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