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Day Wave | The Days We Had (debut album)

Press photo of Day Wave by Jesse Lirola

Formed in 2015, indie rock band Day Wave is the moniker for Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jackson Phillips. After releasing a series of impressive singles and EP's that attracted the attention of listeners and press alike, Day Wave released his brilliant debut album, The Days We Had (Harvest Records), in May 2017.

With a sound that's reminiscent of bands like The Cure, early Radio Dept, and even a few hints of Joy Division, the eleven tracks on The Days We Had perfectly flow to create an atmospheric, multi-layered indie/dreampop listening experience that brings to mind bright sunny days at the beach. Both 'day' and 'wave' pretty accurately describe the sound of this album. Most noticeable to me is the bass and guitar-driven energy and tempo that pulses throughout each of these songs, giving them a subtle, dancy vibe. The somewhat hazy, lo-fi production nicely complements the structure and mood of the album. This is one of those albums that's best listened to in its entirety and intended sequence to take in the full listening experience.

The songs on The Days We Had are melodic and catchy with well-balanced, outstanding vocals. Standouts include "Something Here", "Untitled" (my personal favorite), "Ordinary" and "Wasting Time." However, the entire album is a listening pleasure, with excellent production by Mark Rankin (Adele, Florence and the Machine, Foster the People) and Jackson.

After initially listening to this album (and not really knowing much about Day Wave at the time), what really blew me away is the following line from the album credits: "All instrumentation and vocals by Jackson Phillips." Wow! Yes, Jackson is a one-man band who writes, plays, sings, records and assembles all these layers into such an impressive, magical musical masterpiece. So, do yourself a favor and check out Day Wave and The Days We Had - you won't be disappointed, and I'm pretty sure it will deliver some musical sunshine and positive vibes into your day.

For more information about Day Wave, check out the band's official website, keep up with news and upcoming performances on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and find Day Wave's music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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