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Kastrup | You and I (new single)

Kastrup photo by Christofer Nilsson

After a two-year silence, Swedish indie outfit Kastrup is back, having recently released their first new single ("Try It All") in October. Now, comes the epic, ultra-melodic follow-up "You and I," which is to be featured on the band's forthcoming EP in 2018. Formed in 2014, Kastrup is the musical project of Timmie Strandberg and Puppe Westberg. The 'Kastrup' moniker comes from the former name of Copenhagen Airport, a 20-minute train ride from Malmö, that inspired the duo to fly far away and chase new beginnings through their music.

"You and I" gently leads off with acoustic guitar and melodic vocals before launching into its powerful, sing-along, anthem-like chorus. This stellar track, with its uplifting instrumentals and infectious vocals, has all the makings of a classic indie rock anthem. Lyrically, the song deals with periods in relationships when conversation disappears - when a couple gradually begins to drift apart from each other.

According to one of Kastrup's recent Facebook posts, the song was conceived about two years ago, as the band was driving home from a performance. They had a first listen to a new song that band member Puppe wrote. The band notes (*), "We play a lot of music for each other - usually short ideas and soundbites, a synth, a guitar riff or just a song verse. We're quite good at reading each other, whether it can work for Kastrup or not. Sometimes they become songs, most often not. But that time, it wasn't just a guitar riff, synth or song verse. It was 'You and I.' We've played this live at all our performances and, without a doubt, it's been our most popular song. At every performance, we've said that 'You and I' is the next single - it took two years before it happened." (*)=my best Swedish-to-English translation.

We are thrilled that Kastrup kept their 'next single' promise - even if it took two years. This is 'You and I.'

For more information about Kastrup, visit their official website, follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and listen to their music on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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