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Silver Torches | Let It Be A Dream (new album)

Silver Torches - photo by Chona Kasinger Photography

Let It Be A Dream is the entrancing new album from Silver Torches, the musical project of Seattle-based singer-songwriter Erik Walters. Clocking in at just under 35 minutes, Let It Be A Dream presents nine stunning tracks that hover somewhere between the musical genres of Americana and indie pop, with subtle hints of country. I first learned about this album (and the band, for that matter) on the "Discover" section of Bandcamp. After just one listen to the featured album track, "If I Reach," I was hooked. Every song on this album beams with top-notch songwriting, killer vocal delivery, and incredibly solid, smooth production (Andy Park).

The gentle, country-sounding "Let It Be A Dream" opens the album, with its simple, unpretentious guitar (acoustic, steel) and piano accompaniments. The ultra-catchy "If I Reach" (the album's first single) launches the first burst of warm energy, augmented by steady pulsing bass, smooth melodic vocals, and perfect indie pop production. This is a definite highlight of the album. If this post encourages you to listen to only this track, then this was a worthwhile read. But, seriously, you should listen on. The contemplative "Like a Child" gradually evolves into a shining star with its soaring, anthemic chorus ("Calling her name"). Other indie-influenced tracks, such as the rolling, upbeat "Keep the Car Running," follow in a musical vein similar to "If I Reach." "At the Lantern" searches for meaning and signs of worth in life, in a musical style reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens or Nathan Reich. "Nothing to Show" is another obvious standout track with its harmony, and desperate yet beautifully melodic chorus ("I’m not living | I am just treading water to stay afloat | And I’m watching myself grow old in the mirror | To vanish with nothing to show"). With "Bartender," the album ends on the same gentle, country-like atmosphere with which it began.

We leave you with the official music video for the single "If I Reach." Directed by Ben Park, the video provides a stunning visual accompaniment to the song as Erik journeys on foot through scenic landscapes under big skies.


For more information about Silver Torches, visit the band's official website, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and find their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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