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New music from the mysterious Stockholm Noir

Stockholm Noir video still

Within just the past three months, the anonymous Swedish electronic band, Stockholm Noir, has released four outstanding singles, along with several accompanying, captivating music videos. The band's Facebook page materialized in early April 2017 with a photo and map coordinates that correspond to a location (H&M?) in the Norrmalm area of Stockholm. Self-described as "the black shadow of electronic music," and veiled "behind unique masks at all occasions, letting the music speak for itself," the band's sound is fresh, dynamic, and atmospheric electronic music. Although there is some mystery about the composition of this faceless band, it appears that the project originates from The Kennel, a Swedish-based music, publishing and production company. A few internet search results seem to indicate that several of The Kennel's songwriters and producers are responsible for the incredible music of this talented, breakthrough band... or might actually comprise the band? (the mystery continues!)

Stockholm Noir's first single release, "Hopeless Dreams," is what really caught my attention a few months back. With outstanding vocals from Hayley Aitken, the vibe of this track slowly builds from a subdued, ambient electronic vibe to an infectious, driving, dancefloor filler. For any Eurovision/Melodifestivalen fans out there, the overall sound is bit reminiscent of Loreen's 2012 entry, "Euphoria."

"Hopeless Dreams" was soon followed by the euphoric and pulsating instrumental track, "Black Neon." The accompanying music video for the track provides a clever light show to showcase the music.

STOCKHOLM NOIR "Black Neon" (Official Video)

Just a few weeks ago, Stockholm Noir premiered their "Boy Like A Girl" song and video, which features Ofelia on vocals. This track is truly stunning - musically, lyrically and visually. This is my favorite out of all their releases to date. According to the band's social media pages, "Boy Like A Girl" is "a song for every individual who feels that they don’t fit in within the norms in society. Whether it’s about dressing unconventionally, not feeling comfortable with the binary gender system, or being different in other ways – this song is for you." Have a listen to the song for yourself, and watch its accompanying video, which was produced and directed by Liam Nazemi.

STOCKHOLM NOIR "Boy Like A Girl" (Official Video)

And, just within the past few days, Stockholm Noir has unveiled yet another new track. This time, their latest offering is the atmospheric, Eastern-influenced, "Parvaz Kon." Rounding out the quartet of single releases, this extended dance track gradually transitions from the mesmerizing, haunting, vocal chants at the start, to a pulsating, energetic, electronic gem, with a musical style similar to that of "Black Neon."

STOCKHOLM NOIR "Parvaz Kon" (Official Video)

Stockholm Noir is definitely an up-and-coming band in the electronic music genre that you'll definitely want to keep on your musical radar. We will be looking forward to more great music from this creative and mysterious collective of talented musicians.

For more information about Stockholm Noir, visit their website, follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, find their music on Spotify and SoundCloud, and check out their YouTube channel for visual accompaniments to their music.

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