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Little Rêd | What Love Is (new music video)

Press photo of Little Rêd by Kirsten McTernan

In the span of just a few months, Bath-based, indie pop musician, Little Rêd, has graced the indie music scene with two stunning singles - the dreamy, reflective "Hell" (debut single) and the upbeat, synth-based, "What Love Is" (current single). Little Rêd (yes, that's an e-circumflex: ê) is the musical moniker for Welsh singer-songwriter and guitarist, Ellie James, who has recently joined the growing Seahorse Music roster of impressive, new indie bands (e.g., Bryde, Mere Child, Me For Queen).

From the very first note, "What Love Is" presents a bright, confident and optimistic musical tone, backed with just the right amount of pulsing synths and crisp, electronic musical backdrop. Little Rêd's smooth, hypnotic voice elegantly glides over the musical soundscape to tell us "what love is". Little Rêd tells SoundThread, "I wrote 'What Love Is' with my friend Ed Tullett, who I also co-wrote my first single 'Hell' with. The idea behind the song is exploring that early stage of a relationship, where it's exciting and new."

The imagery for the song's brand new music video, filmed/edited by Jamie Panton, provides a colorful, visual accompaniment to the music. Little Rêd explains, "For the video, we decided to continue on from the milk bath promo photos we did at the start of the year. Milk baths look so beautiful on camera - they're so soft and cause colours to be really striking in contrast to the white water. We loved the imagery it created and thought it would work really well as a music video."

LITTLE RÊD "What Love Is" (Official Video)

Both "Hell" and "What Love Is" are brilliantly written songs that present two highly successful, yet somewhat distinct musical styles. We wondered what might be in store for future music releases - will the next Little Rêd songs contain elements of both musical styles? Little Rêd reveals, "I really like that their styles are contrasting. For my third single, which will be out sometime in the next few months, we've kind of combined the styles so that the guitar sounds are very dreamy and atmospheric, paired with the synth sounds. I want to continue to be expansive with my sounds, but ultimately I'll always stick to alternative pop."

Beyond the forthcoming third single release, Little Rêd tells us there are plans to start work on an EP over the summer. Very exciting news! In the meantime, while we anxiously await more great new music from this talented, "one to watch out for" artist, we leave you with a captivating live performance video of Little Rêd with her gorgeous debut single, "Hell."

LITTLE RÊD "Hell" (Live Video)

For more information about Little Rêd, visit her website, follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and find her music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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