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R. Missing | Unsummering (debut EP)

Press photo of R. Missing

Unsummering is the impressive, debut EP from NY-based electronic duo R. Missing. The persona and image of the band is a bit mysterious, as evident from the sparse "About" information on the band's website which states: "We’re R. Missing. We want to fight you", with listed band members, 'She Missing' (Vocals/Bass) and 'He Missing' (Other). It reminds me a bit of the launch of the British electronic band CLIENT several years back, with band members anonymously known as 'Client A' and 'Client B'.

With a bit of internet detective work, we learn that R. Missing is the new moniker for musicians Sharon Shy and Toppy, both members of the NY-based indie band, The Ropes. Unsummering is the first chapter in the R. Missing adventure, treating us to six brilliant, electronic tracks that best fit within the darkwave musical genre. These are pulsing, synth-driven tracks with sparse drum machines and She Missing's smooth, dreamy, and resonant vocals. To make use of the EP title, the lyrics and overall sound are very "unsummering", bringing to mind artists like The Knife and Chelsea Wolfe, the atmosphere of David Lynch and Twin Peaks, and even a few hints of early Berlin and (Clan of) Xymox.

Based on the six impressive tracks on this EP, there is clearly a tremendous amount of promise and potential for this talented, electronic duo. Watch the music video for the band's first single, "Kelly Was a Philistine" below.

R. MISSING "Kelly Was a Philistine" (Official Video)

For more information about R. Missing, visit their official website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and find their music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

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