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Anna Pancaldi | Sweet Charity (new EP)

Anna Pancaldi - Sweet Charity EP artwork

Starting off the first day of Spring is UK singer-songwriter Anna Pancaldi's spectacular third EP, Sweet Charity. Dedicated to her sister Charity - similar to how 2016's Dear Joey, was dedicated to her brother - Sweet Charity is comprised of three reflective, inspirational, and emotionally charged songs. Anna tells SoundThread, "It's been my most honest offering so far. I have been pushed and challenged, and so I think, more than any other, this EP means the most to me."

The arrangement of the tracks seems intentional, as the listener experiences the thematic progression of emotions that transition from loss ("Brother"), to determination and courage ("Keep On Keeping On"), and finally to healing and hopefulness ("Stay Right Here"). An early version of the final track first appeared on the 2013 Ont' Sofa compilation - it is now presented here with superb production, and graciously taking its place as the perfect closing track to this outstanding EP.

ANNA PANCALDI "Brother" (Official Video)

For additional news and info about Anna Pancaldi, check out her website, follow her on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, view her upcoming tour dates, and view all her recent videos on YouTube.

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