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Rhys | New music from emerging Swedish pop sensation

Photo of Rhys

Within the past year, 19-year old Rhys has risen from aspiring, unknown musician to Swedish pop sensation, with her first two single releases ("Swallow Your Pride" and "Last Dance") attracting significant attention, along with noteworthy radio play and internet streaming. If these two songs are any indication of what else we might hear from Rhys down the road, then I'm pretty sure we'll all be hearing a lot more about this emerging songstress and musician.

The lovely and moving "Swallow Your Pride" was released in November 2016 to some pretty glowing reviews. Co-written with Jörgen Elofsson (Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Westlife), and gently driven by soft, elegant electric guitar, this ballad evokes a heartfelt, emotional response with its poignant lyrics about infidelity and broken relationships: "You know that I hate sleeping alone in my bed |You know that I regret every word that I said | So come on, swallow your pride | I'll do anything you want to." This song is timeless - I'm blown away by how brilliant and honest it comes across every time I hear it.

RHYS "Swallow Your Pride" (Official Video)

In contrast to the contemplative, stripped down atmosphere of "Swallow Your Pride", the musical style of Rhys' latest single, "Last Dance", is up-tempo, energetic and danceable. Lyrically, however, its theme is similar to "Swallow Your Pride", with references to heartbreak and the "no regrets" realization of impending breakup and the symbolic "last dance": "If this would be the last dance we'll ever dance together, you and I | Oh if all we ever had was an illusion | And if we gave it every chance | Gave it every goddamn chance." Put on your dancing shoes and turn this one up.

So keep your eye on this emerging, talented musical artist who has just the right combination of outstanding vocals, songwriting ability and overall sound to successfully break through on an international scale.

For more information about Rhys, follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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