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Voix | Pull You Down (new single)

It was only a few months ago that the songwriting and production duo of Andi Anderson and Mike Smith created the artistic alias of Voix and released their debut single "Devotion," a track which has already racked up nearly 55,000 Spotify streams in 77 countries. Now, Voix releases their uptempo, feel-good summer anthem in the form of "Pull You Down," the duo's third musical offering and yet another solid step forward into making this emerging band a household name. While the musical moniker of Voix is just a few months old, Andi and Mike, who both hail from the North East of England, have been honing their songwriting and production skills for a combined 30 years.

"Pull You Down" might very well be the quintessential summer anthem with its clean, tight pop production, infectious melody, jump-on-your-feet chorus and emotive vocals delivered with the perfect dose of gentle sunshine to lift your spirits.

"If you want this love, maybe I should leave

Cause I don’t wanna pull you down, pull you down with me

I’m a broken soul, if only you could see

Cause I don’t wanna pull you down, pull you down with me"

The uplifting vibe of "Pull You Down" elevates the song's underlying lyrical theme that deals with all the emotions and interactions that often come with relationships and dating in their formative stages. The band comments, "It focuses on the self doubt and feelings of inadequacy during the early dating stages, with the main emphasis on insecurity of what you could bring to a relationship and the fear that you would negatively influence the life of the person you care about."

With just three singles and several months into Voix, we can't wait to hear what more Andi and Mike might have in store for us in the coming months! This is definitely an up-and-coming indie/electronic pop band to keep on your musical radar.

For more information about Voix, visit the official band website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find their music on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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