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Safari Room | Fear / How It Goes (new split single)

Nashville-based indie rock band Safari Room celebrates the one year anniversary of their debut album, Look Me Up When You Get There, with the release of two new tracks that came from the album recording sessions. "Fear" and "How It Goes" make their appearance in the form of a 'split single' that showcases both of these equally outstanding songs.

Comprised of Alec Koukol (songwriter/lead vocalist/guitarist), Chris Collier (guitar) and Austin Drewry (drums), Safari Room has been delivering their modern blend of captivating guitar-driven melodies and ambient soundscapes since their 2018 Actual Feelings debut EP release. With lead singer Alec's emotive, plaintive vocals and melancholic lyrics, the band's sound has drawn comparisons to Death Cab for Cutie, the National, and Fleet Foxes among others.

The pulsing bass guitar riff that introduces and drives "Fear" gradually gives way to glittery fingerstyle and a soaring guitar solo, with Alec's plaintive and melodic vocals delivering the goods on the track's catchy verse arrangements. "'Fear' characterizes the need to reach out in times of struggle but the habitual, knee-jerk reaction to keep the locks on tight," the band reveals. "The song is a reminder that no one is an island and of the human need to connect, even when it seems like everyone is far away."

Fear, fear what’s on the other side.

Come up with a million excuses to say goodnight.

Then, I’ll fall off into oblivion

and all my friends will have better lives.

The dreamy and introspective "How It Goes" paints a beautifully melodic and spacious soundscape, glistened with gentle guitar arpeggios and Alec's ultra-smooth, almost 'slow motion' vocal delivery that perfectly suits this gorgeous and captivating song. The band comments on the song's lyrical theme: "'How It Goes' deals with grief and loss and looking for some semblance of sense through it all. When loved ones depart, we don’t have answers to the biggest questions those voids bring up. We’re left with an itch to find those answers, a complete disassociation, or somewhere in between."

In a moment everything changed.

I was standing there.

It took all my breath away,

I didn’t know what to say,

so I just let my eyes return to the screen.

So this how it goes,

I’ll stay numb or be exposed.

Safari Room is headed out on the road this Fall, supporting the release of their debut album, Look Me Up When You Get There. The band also reports that their second album is just about finished and they'll be releasing songs from that later this Fall.

For tour dates and more information about Safari Room, visit the band's official website, follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and listen on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

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