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R+ Dido | Together (In These Times) (new single and video)

I've been a fan of British electronica band Faithless ever since hearing their 1998 hit single, "God is a DJ." It was then I learned the core musical makeup of the band, which was comprised of Rollo Armstrong, Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss, but also featuring a several recurring and guest vocalists across their six studio albums, including Pauline Taylor, Boy George, Zoë Johnston, Robert Smith, and of course, Rollo's sister Dido. The band's last new music was approximately ten years ago with their sixth studio album, The Dance. Dido's massive international success as a solo artist took off with the release of her 1999 debut album, No Angel.

While working with Dido on her most recent album, Still On My Mind (2019), Rollo expressed the idea of recording a new album of his own, and shortly thereafter, his new musical moniker of R+ came to life. With the inclusion of Sister Bliss, R+ released its debut album, The Last Summer in the fall of 2019.

"Together (In These Times)" is the latest single release from The Last Summer under the artist name R+ Dido. Driven by a summery, uplifting electronic vibe, this captivating and melodic new single features the immediately recognizable, velvety and enchanting vocals of Dido.

Even though recorded several months ago, the track's opening lyrics seem to ironically speak to the current uncertain times:

"We don't need the new | Just need the weather

We can deal with pain | But prefer getting better"

Check out the single's accompanying summertime music video full of beaches, cliff dives, surfing, sunsets and good times.

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