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prismatiqk | Heart (new single)

Eclectic UK pop-makers prismatiqk, the multi-instrumentalist songwriting and production duo of Monaz Parry and Steven Horry, release "Heart," their fourth single release since forming and making their artist debut in mid-2023 with the shimmering, electro-pop single "Swimming Lessons."

Steven and Monaz met through having children in the same class at school and eventually both realized they had a similar music listening history, making the journey from chart pop kids to obscure indie teens and back to all things pop shortly after. Each individually escaped the city for the rural idylls of Kent, where they met and bonded over a love of Denim on Ice, boxes that go bleep, and a penchant for sparkly things. prismatiqk was born out of an idea to write and produce pop songs in collaboration with other artists, but somewhere along the way the pair realized they actually quite liked performing the tracks themselves too.

With its origins stemming from a combination of binge-watching a reality dating show, pure serendipity, and obsessive listening to a decade-old house classic, prismatiqk's new single "Heart" artfully blends equal parts desolation and exhilaration to create a sonically addictive dance track that is interspersed with a delicate piano hook and pulsing bassline, graced with melancholic vocals that are enchantingly delivered by Monaz.

Lyrically, "Heart" speaks to feelings of hopelessness and vulnerability as one party in a blossoming relationship forewarns the other of the sorrow her heart has experienced, along with the presumption that the damage is irreparable, despite the devoted efforts of the other party.

"I'm not ready for this

You're not ready for this

We're not ready for this at all...

If you could see my heart

You could take a century but you'll never heal the scars

'Cos it's had a lifetime of being torn apart

You could swim an ocean and it wouldn't make a start

It's gone too far"

"Heart" is the latest release from prismatiqk's upcoming 7-track EP, Refractions, which will also feature previous singles "Swimming Lessons," "It's Not All About You," and "Worst of Me."

Finally, we'll end this blog post with a "fun fact" about the single artwork, gleaned from one of prismatiqk's social media posts. In particular, the revelation is that the cover art for "Heart" was made with glitter, on an IKEA tub lid as a backdrop. So, there's that!

For more information about prismatiqk, follow the band on social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and stream their music on SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.

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