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Paul Moody | New singles from forthcoming EP

Before recently moving from Chicago to Nashville, indie folk singer-songwriter Paul Moody wrote and recorded a bunch of songs with his friends in Chicago-based alt rock outfit Minor Moon. In mid-April, one of those songs, "Don't Wait Too Long," saw the light of day as the first official single release from Paul's forthcoming EP, Songs for Adults. With contemplative lyrics that lament the brevity of life, Paul delivers the track's soulful, gentle refrain: "Don't wait too long | we'll all be gone | love with all that you have while you're here."

On his social media sites, Paul explains the timing of the single release amidst the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic as he comments, "I decided I am gonna just release a lot of new songs because music is one of the main ways I feel connected to the world, and I really want to feel connected to the world right now."

Paul has kept true to his word, releasing a new song every two weeks since the first. "Regret Sometimes" kicked off the month of May with its poignant look at the song's female character who, with husband away and kids at school, sometimes finds regret ("Before she settled down with him | she wouldn't change a thing yet finds regret sometimes"). The track's breezy, relaxed and soulful atmosphere builts the perfect soundscape to the underlying theme.

"Eberhart" takes the tempo up a notch, and represents the most upbeat of the single releases. Paul sings about how life is good, but finds himself reflecting on simpler times of his youth with Katie ("Kissing you at camp Eberhart when we were young | I wish I could feel that again and not feel numb").

"Airport Wine" is the last single to precede Paul's Songs for Adults EP release on June 12. Gentle, yearning vocals on this delicate acoustic track address cyclical avoidance - the recurring urge to want to fly away, but yet always land "in the same damn place."

For Songs for Adults, Paul teamed up with producer Michael Downing (bass player for Minor Moon) to weave the underlying soundscape upon which these songs live and breathe. What's clearly noticeable across all the tracks on the EP is a well-balanced, less-is-more production approach that shines a focused spotlight on the musical elements and Paul's vocals. The intended emotional aesthetic of each song is elegantly conveyed in a way that does not overload any of the individual musical elements.

Paul comments to SoundThread Music Blog that the Songs for Adults EP contains a common underlying theme that "...explores characters who have grown away from something that they are desperate to get back."

While we await the release of Songs for Adults, Paul is already at work on creating new music. Despite having just moved to Nashville, he reports another planned move to upstate New York where he's recording an album that will feature guests from bands like Good Old War, The Shivers, The Felice Brothers, and others.

For more information about Paul Moody, visit his official website, follow him on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and find his music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Spotify.

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