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Ohly | Enfilade (new single)

Detroit-based folk rock singer-songwriter Ohly (a.k.a., Christian Ohly) releases his heartfelt new single, "Enfilade," a warm and gentle-paced ballad about the deep-down yearning to make a move and the uncertainty that can accompany such a significant life event.

Co-produced by Christian and Ben Collins (Minihorse), "Enfilade" prominently features acoustic and warm steel guitars throughout the song's captivating soundscape, with Christian's emotive vocals earnestly and melodically pondering the prospect of falling away 'to the other side of the blue.'

"I will stare on through

The long passageway

'til light hits the wall of the enfilade

We could fall away

to the other side of the blue

Oh should I wait for you

Pretty soon this year Will be through

I've got to make a move

I've got to go away"

On social media, Christian reveals that "Enfilade" is " of the first songs I wrote in Spring 2020 and demo'd in the attic of my Ferndale house. I was reading a lot of Vonnegut, listening to a lot of Pinegrove, and feeling like I was not making good use of my early 20's. A little different than what I'm reading/writing/listening to now, but none the less, I'm excited to share this one!"

Both "Enfilade" and previous single "Steady" are anticipated to appear on Ohly's forthcoming full-length album.

While we await more new music from this emerging artist in the indie folk circuit, be sure to have a listen to Ohly's debut album, Landlines, follow him on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find Ohly's music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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