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Jay Miners | Meet Me in Space (new single)

New York-based folk/pop singer-songwriter Jay Miners releases her stunning new single "Meet Me in Space," a melodic beam of encouragement and perspective that reminds us that the world is still a magical place despite the current state of events.

SoundThread recently caught up with Jay Miners, who comments on the underlying theme of her new single, "'Meet Me in Space' is an ode to huge imaginations and our kid selves. I wanted to write something from the POV of a child, who is maybe saying all this to a parent or someone who has grown tired and restless - in need of a reminder that the world is still beautiful and bright and full of wonder. The inspiration behind the song also came from an animation by illustrator Jeff Deng, who also created the album art."  

The initial recording of "Meet Me in Space" started just before the lockdown at Brooklyn's Degraw Sound with producer, mixer and engineer Harper James (Eighty Ninety), but continued remotely over the following weeks. "Harper and I started to arrange this back when the pandemic hit, and we continued to find a way to record remotely," Jay relates. "This process kind of gave new meaning to the song for me. 'Space' started to feel like this place where we can be together and work together and feel connected, even when we're apart."

Meet me in space

We'll dance to this starry tune

Oh just me and you

Lightning we'll chase

and swim in the craters of the moon

Creations we can't replace

Meet me in space

"Meet Me in Space" will be included on Jay's forthcoming EP, along with previous singles "Constantine" and "Real Love." And to celebrate the release of "Meet Me in Space," Jay is streaming a virtual single release show on Instagram Live on Saturday, May 23 at 3:00pm ET. Tune in and take in some awesome new music from Jay!

For more information about Jay Miners, visit her official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and find her music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Spotify.

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