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Goldpark | Lady Lightyear (new single)

The distant-sounding, spoken word opening line of "Lady Lightyear," the new single from Nashville-based indie rock trio Goldpark, declares "I saw it there and it was just shimmering in the light like diamonds." The impressive three-plus minute indie pop diamond that immediately follows is befittingly shimmering, energized and enchanting.

Formed in 2019, Goldpark is the project of Wes James (vocals), Andrew Smith (guitar) and Kyle Neblett (drums). The trio released their debut EP, Goldpark One, in 2021 and instantly landed an array of impressive press and digital streaming support. New single "Lady Lightyear," produced by Jeremy Lutito (Needtobreathe, Ingrid Michaelson, Lennon Stella), is the first single from Goldpark's forthcoming sophomore EP, Goldpark Two, scheduled to be released later this year.

Lyrically, "Lady Lightyear" tells the story of an intergalactic love affair – a man falls in love with a woman unbound by time and space and has an experience so spectacular that he feels like he may never love again. Goldpark elaborates, "Love is the closest thing that we have to magic. It's the only thing that drives us to cross countries, oceans, or even galaxies. There are traces of love in every truly great thing that we can see, hear or touch. All great art comes from some form of love. It doesn't all look the same though. Sometimes it's the fear of love. Or maybe the feeling of being broken over love. But it's all love." They add, "'Lady Lightyear' is a song for all of the Milky Way and beyond to enjoy together. Leave the door open for love somewhere in the stars. Leave the door open for love somewhere in the stars."

Sonically, "Lady Lightyear" is comprised of pulsating bass-driven and charged verses and an infectious, melodic, Eighties-inspired chorus with breezy, soaring vocals and captivating guitar arpeggios.

Gravity just burst into color

Tidal waves keep pulling us under

Lady, you've been light years away

(Give me one more day)

Gravity just burst into color

Feel the heartbeat louder than thunder

Lady, you've been light years away

(Give me one more day)

On social media, the band comments on the origins of the "Lady Lightyear": "It all started in the writing room with our friend Danen Reed Rector. We were just coming out of the recording season of Goldpark One, and we knew there was a new day for us on the horizon. We wanted to make songs that made us smile. Songs that make you smile. So we decided the only way to do that was to take our music seriously while not taking ourselves too seriously. There would be no illusion of who we are. What you see/hear/feel is what you get. With that new spirit in mind, 'Lady Lightyear' was born."

Goldpark is currently taking their live show on the road, performing with a mix of solo shows and opening gigs. Check out their official website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) to keep up with all the latest Goldpark news and events and listen to Goldpark's music on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

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