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Francie | Casanova (new single)

Italian indie rock singer-songwriter Francie releases the edgy and mesmerizing "Casanova," her new single and first new music in three years. Weaving together elements of psychedelic rock, spaghetti western and grunge with reverbed guitars and Francie's hypnotic vocals, "Casanova" emanates a moody, electric vibe that gradually builds from its mysterious-sounding verses to its charged chorus.

With music and lyrics by Francesca Raffagnino (Francie) and mix, mastering and covert art by Giulio Aldinucci, the sophisticated, edgy "Casanova" marks a musical shift from Francie's previous single releases (e.g., "Your Way" and the dreamy, melodic "Aiora."). Since 2015, Francie has been composing and releasing her songs as an independent artist and made her music debut in 2017 with The Waste Land EP that introduced her refreshing and captivating style of acoustic, indie alternative music. Aside from creating music, Francie has studied Literature at university and is currently publishing and working on short stories.

Speaking to the origins of "Casanova," Francie comments, "This single was born from the need of creating an energetic, liberating and self-empowering song. Its manifesto are the lyrics 'I save my feelings for the people who really care.'"

"I feel so alive

Come on my pretty, my bitter strive

I feel so alive

Come a little bit closer, drive"

For more information on Francie, follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and find her music on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

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