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Anna Pancaldi | Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left (new single)

London-based singer-songwriter Anna Pancaldi releases her vulnerable new single, "Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left," a moving, heartfelt ballad that reassuringly addresses the longing to be loved.

Confessing that a piece of her own enclosed heart resides in this beautiful ballad, Anna remarks, "'Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left' speaks of the gentle unravelling and revelation of rediscovering the wanting to know love again and to be able to be vulnerable enough to feel all of life's emotions regardless of where it might lead. To be loved is one of life's greatest gifts and what a sadness to not know it well in order to protect oneself from pain and inadvertently know another." She adds, "It's hard though, isn't it? So much takes place in our lives to make us want to shield ourselves... but here I am questioning, where do I lay all the love I didn't know I had left."

"I admit that I'm frightened

Scared of being misled

cause what hasn't started

well it never has to come to an end

I was safe in the quiet

But here I am questioning

Where do I lay all the love

I lay all the love I have left"

Co-written with Jessican Sharman and produced by Jim Wallis, "Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left" prominently and brilliantly showcases Anna's emotive and heartfelt vocals, that beautifully build from the track's subdued, piano-driven introduction to its triumphant, heartening chorus. "Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left" is Anna Pancaldi at her best - this is the gold of songwriting that mega artists like Adele would long to perform and call their own.

Aside from the current single release, Anna (recording under the pseudonym Beò) and songwriter/music producer Ask the Dusk recently garnered some pleasant, unexpected attention with their song "Revival," a cross-continent collaboration that found its way into the promo trailer for ABC's Grey's Anatomy (Season 19).

For more information about Anna Pancaldi, visit her official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and listen on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

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