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AMFM | 1993 (new single)

While sitting at home for the past year, Brooklyn indie singer-songwriter David Caruso made the most of the pandemic-induced isolation, grabbed his guitar and let his songwriting creativity flow. The fruits of his labor have taken the form of a fresh, vibrant batch of songs for his indie rock art project AMFM, several of which have been released as singles over the past few months.

With its lyrical theme of 'everything will be OK', "1993" is the latest AMFM track to grace our ears and serenade our psyche. Featuring a prominent, pulsing bassline, striking lo-fi indie rock production and David's resonant and melodic vocals, "1993" is definitely worthy of a prized spot on your music playlists. Musically, the song falls in line with the solid, lo-fi vibe of prior outstanding singles, "Wednesday" and "Waves."

1993's accompanying graduation-themed cover photo conjures up feelings of life milestones, crossroads and resolutions. As many of us know, life has a habit of taking us in directions we never imagined. David explains, "The idea of this song came around the line and melody that was stuck in my head of everybody loves you. I don't know why, it sort of had this resolution to it that I had yet to find. As I worked on the song, it started to come out that it was about realizing you aren't who you thought you were... and that that is ok!"

"Don't give away you're so cool

You're always groovy

We'll leave a light on

Everybody loves you"

Working mostly in his home studio over the past year, David learned to adjust and adapt to a new normal for the recording and production of his music. Once the pandemic set in, he began work with producer and musician Harper James (Degraw Sound, Eighty Ninety) over a combination of live studio sessions and remote sessions from their respective homes. David reflects, "I had been working on new stuff and started a bunch of songs during the pandemic. Also the recording process had changed for me, and the rest of the world really. I am doing more in my home studio than I have in the past few years."

If you like what you're hearing with "1993" and recent AMFM tunes, you are in luck. David reveals plans for another single release ("The River") later this Spring, followed by an EP (title TBD) that presents the songs he wrote over quarantine. So definitely stay tuned!

For more information about AMFM, visit the official band website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and listen to AMFM on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

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