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New Single Releases (August/September 2019)

As we transition from summer to autumn, we take a look at six noteworthy new single releases that have graced our ears over the past two months. In this set of single releases, we find outstanding new music from both emerging and established musicians/bands within the US (Brooklyn, Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles) and across the pond (London, Berlin).

Read on and expand your playlists with new music from Eighty Ninety, O.M.D., Rule of Young, Mark Fernyhough, Gypsy Moth Control, and They Won't Win.

Eighty Ninety | "Got Your Message"

Brooklyn-based indie-pop band Eighty Ninety releases "Got Your Message," the second single from their forthcoming sophomore EP, Bowery Beach Road. Comprised of brothers in blood and song Abner and Harper James, the rising-star duo has released a series of cleverly crafted, captivating indie pop gems, stemming back to their first Spotify breakthrough single, "Three Thirty."

"Got Your Message" explores the heartbreak that comes from wanting to be with someone but knowing that they're not the right person for you. Like their previous releases, the new single showcases Harper's infectious guitar hooks, Abner's smooth, breezy vocals, and the duo's less-is-more production sensibility - but kicked up a notch this time. "Got Your Message" stands out as the band's most upbeat, danceable single release to date. And it works beautifully. On your next long-distance drive, open the windows and crank this baby up!

O.M.D. | "Don’t Go"

I've been a fan of UK synth-pop/electronic duo O.M.D. (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) from the moment I heard their 1981 single "Souvenir." Preceding the October 4 release of their 40th anniversary box set (Souvenir), the band unleashes its synth-driven, polished new single "Don't Go." This song is electric! O.M.D. clearly still knows how to craft the perfect synth-pop anthem.

The band, consisting of Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Martin Cooper and Stuart Kershaw, is currently touring to promote the upcoming singles compilation release - from Portugal in October to Paris in February 2020.

Rule of Young | "Lie Better"

Cleveland-based progressive pop duo Rule of Young is the musical project of Nico Conti and Catherine Calabrese. By day, Nico is an MD and Catherine is an accountant. Together they share a passion for music that has evolved into writing, recording, promoting, and performing over the past year and a half.

With two single releases ("Surrender" and "Fade In Slowly") already racking up over 80,000 streams on Spotify, Rule of Young follows up with the release of their upbeat, catchy new single "Lie Better." Co-produced by multi-platinum producer and Emmy award winner Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Jack's Mannequin) and up-and-coming producer 1800-SOS, "Lie Better" is an attention-grabbing, three-minute gem of a pop song that will have you hooked in just one listen.

Mark Fernyhough | "Divided Cities"

Berlin-based fashion photographer, visual artist and musician Mark Fernyhough returns to the musical spotlight with his poetic, dark indie single "Divided Cities." Inspired by Brexit, borders and the Berlin Wall, this ominous-sounding track laments the unsettling, recurring policies of division in society. Musically, the goth-tinged single echoes elements of 80's Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode, with a modern sound, musical depth and production. Having recently opened for the legendary Suede in Berlin on the band's recent world tour, Mark's eclectic blend of indie and electronic music has been a favorite of Suede frontman Brett Anderson.

Be sure to also give the single's doom-laced B-side "Edge of Town" a listen, and watch the accompanying cinematic music video for "Divided Cities", directed by and featuring Mark, along with model Camille Schaeffer, e-drummer Agata D'Mon and synth legend Julia Runova.

Gypsy Moth Control | "Saturating Horizons"

New LA-based indie rock band Gypsy Moth Control, comprised of songwriter Alex Walker and drummer Benjamin Homola, releases its impressive debut single, "Saturating Horizons" - a fresh-sounding, guitar-driven number with smooth, dreamy vocals, crisp production and a keen songwriting sensibility. Evoking memories and elements of iconic alt-indie bands the likes of Pixies and Pale Saints, "Saturating Horizons" places Gypsy Moth Control on a sold musical foundation fresh out of the gate. The band's official website already hints at two forthcoming singles ("California" and "Good Ideas"), so that's a good space on which to keep your eyes focused for more noteworthy news from this new musical presence.

They Won’t Win | "Lost at Sea (edit)"

Chicago-based folk rock band They Won't Win is the musical project of singer-songwriters Danny M. Cohen and Greg Lanier, who discovered their musical synergy one evening with an accidental, impromptu guitar rendition of Crowded House's "Fall At Your Feet." Vowing to bring new music into the world, and with a band name paying homage to the lyrics of Crowded House's chart-topping single, "Don't Dream It's Over", They Won't Win released its impressive debut album, Lost at Sea, earlier this summer.

New single "Lost at Sea (edit)" trims the album's title track (clocked at 6 min 30 seconds) to a length that lends itself more easily to Spotify playlist adds and listens. The band's debut album presents ten stunning, predominantly acoustic, harmony-rich songs that are inspired by Danny and Greg's individual experiences and respective backgrounds in London (Danny), the American south and midwest (Greg), and as gay men, each in partnered relationships. Give "Lost at Sea" - both the single and full-length album - a listen! And if you're in the Chicago area, check out the band's upcoming live album performance at Uncommon Ground Edgewater on October 5.

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