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Katey Brooks | In Your Arms (new single and video)

Photo of Katey Brooks by John Morgan

Our first music blog post of 2019 spotlights the stunning new single ("In Your Arms") from Bristol-based indie/alternative singer-songwriter Katey Brooks. Featuring soulful choral vocals, warm instrumentation and ethereal soundscapes, "In Your Arms" is a raw, emotional love song that intimately draws the listener into its melodic and magical sonic landscape. Katey's authentic, expressive vocals have been likened to both Tracy Chapman and Florence (and the Machine) with a songwriting style in the vein of iconic musicians such as Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley. "In Your Arms" is a superb and gorgeous listen - creating an expansive, soulful atmosphere with a 'less is more' approach to production that beautifully weaves together lovely vocals and harmonies.

As a child growing up inside a cult, Katey found refuge in song. "It was a very chaotic upbringing, full of some pretty colourful and sometimes unsavoury, characters. But when I sang, I felt free and connected. For as long as I can remember, it’s been my way of getting what I need to say out,” she reveals.

The course of her life and her songwriting have been impacted and driven by tragic personal loss early in her life (loss of her mother and a best friend). Katey reflects, "I guess I’m lucky that I have songs that I can write, as a means to deal with things. Pain just reminds me why I sing," she says. "And not just for me; for everybody. They say in a funny sort of way musicians are like therapists," she muses. "Because music is a universal language. Everybody has experienced some kind of heartache, especially in relationships, and music allows us to purge these feelings."

In a lyrical sense, "In Your Arms" presents the culmination of Katey coming to terms with her sexuality. She reveals, “In my most recent work I’ve finally been able to sing directly about women instead of using the mysterious ‘you’. I’m a private person in a lot of ways and I never wanted to be a poster girl for anything. But a few years ago I just thought screw it; I want to sing completely honestly. It felt like a weight lifted.” Katey continues, "Heart on sleeve, I wanted to tell the woman I love just how much I love her. This song is an expression of what she means to me and how much has transformed for me since I met her. It's about that good love, that breaks you open, challenges you, drives you and I think ultimately, makes you a better you”.

"In Your Arms" is taken from Katey's forthcoming album which is currently under construction. We can't wait to hear it! In the meantime, we present the accompanying music video for "In Your Arms" for your viewing pleasure.

KATEY BROOKS "IN YOUR ARMS" (Official Music Video)

For more information about Katey Brooks, visit her official website, follow her on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and find her music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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