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SoundThread Music Blog's Top 20 Songs of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we look back at all the incredible new music that made its way into the indie/alternative music scene and graced our ears. Last year, we published our first ever Top 20 list of songs for the year. As if that wasn't challenging enough last year, it was even more difficult this year!

We've created an accompanying Spotify playlist to help you easily listen to our Top 20. Have a listen - some of these just might become your favorite songs too!

We present to you SoundThread Music Blog's Top 20 Tracks of 2018. Enjoy!

  1. SNOW PATROL "Heal Me" - washing over you like an ocean wave, this epic Snow Patrol track "whispers and roars like an orchestra."

  2. KÅRP "Freak Smile" - beautifully brooding, anthemic, soaring vocals from this emerging Swedish "death disco" outfit.

  3. JUMP, LITTLE CHILDREN "Sparrow" - epic-sounding orchestration of strings, acoustic guitar, with tight, yet gentle harmony.

  4. QUEUE "Float Away" - lovely vocals atop breezy, shimmering guitar hooks. Impressive and memorable single from this emerging Brooklyn indie band: "We don't know simple, but you know best, and you know I float away sometimes."

  5. LOWPINES "Come On Chaos" - soft, delicate, utterly magnificent acoustic indie.

  6. JUNG "This Could Be The End Of It" - one of catchiest and most impressive three minute listens I've heard this year.

  7. STEPPES "Marceline The Vampire" - killer hooks, tight melodies and ultra-catchy verses and chorus, inspired by Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time.

  8. SENSE (feat. HOLMSEY & RORY McKENNA) "There Goes My Heart" - rhythmic, gently-pulsing electronic pop gem from this emerging French indie pop trio.

  9. QUINN LEWIS "In Between" - upbeat, finger-snapping, with infectious chorus and soulful vocals from this rising Nashville-based singer-songwriter.

  10. SAM WESTHOFF "The Way That You Move" - excellent songwriting, killer vocals and vibe from this Tulsa-based indie musician: "Sweet Caroline, you're not mine"

  11. DEANNA DEVORE "Breathing Room" - acoustic indie perfection, enchanting vocals, with the perfect touch of electronic, atmospheric undertones.

  12. MERE CHILD "Swim" - gently-pulsing, synth-driven, atmospheric, gorgeous vocals - swimming back into life to see the beauty in it.

  13. ROB DRABKIN "It's a Beautiful Day" - driving rhythm, soaring vocals, positive message. Get up, take a deep breath, it's a beautiful day!

  14. ANGEL SNOW "Window Seat (Acoustic)" - looking at life from the window seat; a stunningly beautiful and delicate musical ray of hope about getting through the difficult times.

  15. STOCKHOLM NOIR "Pointing Guns" - yet another stunning, upbeat, pulsing single from Stockholm Noir that makes you wanna get up and dance.

  16. NEED FOR SPEED "Soft Touch" - vibrant synths, gorgeous melodies, dreamy vocals. Looking forward to more from this emerging Swedish indie/electronic duo.

  17. STEP ROCKETS "Past Life" - catchy chorus, killer vocals from these Minneapolis-based indie rockers - speaking to the feelings of déjà vu that people sometimes experience in relationships.

  18. EIGHTY NINETY "Dream" - a song about the parallel life that dreaming can create - yet another impressive single from this rising-star Brooklyn duo that recently landed on Taylor Swift's Spotify playlist (Songs Taylor Loves).

  19. MARK FERNYHOUGH & STEVEN HORRY "Nouveau" - impressive killer guitar riffs, refreshing, modern and stylish alternative rock.

  20. GIA MARGARET "Birthday" - introspective, gentle and timeless indie from this rising Chicago-based indie musician - "There's a dog in the yard, and it's not ours"

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