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Árni Ehmann | Night Caller (new single)

Press photo of Árni Ehmann

For this post, we head across the pond to Reykjavík, Iceland and take a listen to "Night Caller", the impressive new single from singer-songwriter Árni Ehmann. Mixed and produced by Arnar Guðjonsson in early October, this cinematic, indie rock track has been a work in progress over the past year - written by Árni on New Year's Eve and recorded over the summer.

Following his two previous releases, "Staring at the Moon" and "Small Talk", new single "Night Caller" showcases Árni's strong, emotive vocals on a song that really takes off with its melodic, guitar-driven chorus. Musically, the song seems to convey a sense of yearning and emotion that is lightened by the soaring, expansive atmosphere of the track.

Árni tells SoundThread Music Blog that he is currently working on his first album, and expects it to be released in August 2019. In the meantime, be sure to add "Night Caller" to your playlists and keep an eye out for additional single releases from this emerging musician.

For more information about Árni Ehmann, visit his official Facebook page, and find his music on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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