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Stockholm Noir | Fear (new single)

Stockholm Noir press photo

The anonymous Swedish electronic collective Stockholm Noir releases its newest single, "Fear." With their music originating from Swedish-based music, publishing and production company The Kennel, very little is known about the composition of this breakthrough electronic collective, other than their trail of impressive, playlist-topping singles, that began with "Hopeless Dreams" in April 2017.

With "Fear", I love the way this track gradually transforms from its gentle, haunting intro with hushed, expressive vocals (”I’ve been running on fear, running backwards to you”) to a pulsing, melodic dancefloor treasure with a gorgeous, anthemic chorus ("I'm running backwards").

In the press release for "Fear", Stockholm Noir explains the origin of the song's lyrical theme: "'Fear' dissects the challenge of letting go of lost love, wishing time could run backwards. Being in a relationship and pretending everything is fine even though both of you know love isn’t present anymore, was the seed that led to 'Fear'. The driving force that keeps you from giving up is fear. To have fear as fuel is sometimes the key to move forward in life and let go of past hard things."

As for the songwriting process, the band notes, "The song was written very fast and it felt right to produce the dance vibe in contrast to the heavier lyrics." However, the dance version of "Fear" presents a different vibe than the original version. Stockholm Noir elaborates, "The acoustic version is actually the first version that was made, a version which is hard to top because of its rawness and honesty." But, fret not, Stockholm Noir fans: the original acoustic version is not one for the vaults, but is set to be released in two weeks!

For more information about Stockholm Noir, visit the band's official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and find their music on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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