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Tiny Fireflies | Nothing/2040 (new single and video)

Press photo of Tiny Fireflies

A few weeks ago, at Chicago's The Empty Bottle, I was introduced to the brilliant music of Chicago-based indie/dream-pop duo Tiny Fireflies, who were headliners for the night, and delivered an excellent live performance. The duo consists of musicians Kristine Capua and Lisle Mitnik, who formed in 2010 to submit their new collaborative track ("Don't Wait Until I Fall Asleep") to netlabel EardrumsPop's compilation series, Between Two Waves. Both Kristine and Lisle were involved in their own music projects at the time - Kristine with 'Tiny Microphone', and Lisle with 'Fireflies.' It was fitting that the name of their new project (Tiny Fireflies) should appropriately reflect that collaborative nature of their work.

Fast forward a few years, following a series of impressive singles, EP's, and their spectacular full-length debut LP, The Space Between (2015), Tiny Fireflies now presents their new release, Nothing/2040, which contains their two most recent singles, "Nothing" and "2040" - both written by Kristine, with mix and additional production by Ian Catt (Saint Etienne, The Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars).

The upbeat, polished and downright catchy opener, "Nothing," is one of the slickest indie/electronic pop gems I've recently heard. The track's guitar riffs and bass line immediately and energetically launch it to life from the very first note. Kristine's angelic, smooth and melodic voice is the icing on the cake, and brings to mind vocals from iconic 90's bands such as Dubstar, Saint Etienne, Slowdive, and Peach Union. In contrast to the lively, cheerful musical vibe of "Nothing," the second track ("2040") presents a more reflective, downtempo facet of the band's sound, with its gorgeous, dreamlike and shimmery ambience.

Tiny Fireflies recently premiered the official music video for "Nothing" with UK music site Various Small Flames. Written, directed and shot by Greg Stephen Reigh and Ashley Thompson, the video centers around two friends on a seemingly innocuous, fun road trip that eventually transitions to an escape from an otherworldly force.

TINY FIREFLIES "NOTHING" (Official Music Video)

For more information about Tiny Fireflies, visit the band's official website, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), and find their music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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