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Henry Bateman | Received In Me (video premiere)

Photo of Henry Bateman by Tracy Xie

There is much to be said about the therapeutic effects of music. It contributes to general well-being, and often provides a coping and healing mechanism for the human mind and body. The shock and grief associated with the sudden loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult emotions to experience. When words are not enough, sometimes music is the best therapy. With his graceful and stunning new single, "Received In Me," Leeds-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Henry Bateman thoughtfully explores the journey through the cycle of grief, with a beautiful musical soundscape that takes influence from ambient, electronic and minimalist genres.

Today, SoundThread Music Blog is excited and honored to premiere the music video for "Received In Me," a song from Henry’s forthcoming second album, Throwing and Catching, which will be coming out in November. "Received In Me" features Henry’s incredible new band, and was co-produced with Burnley-based producer and musician Tim Goddard. The official full release of the single is set for August 4.

I asked Henry how the music video's concept originated. He explained, "I struggled to visualise a video for this song, so I found someone to collaborate with in Canadian videographer Hugo Wong. We formed a concept for the video together. Hugo is really into vlogging and I think there’s an aspect of that in this video - which, for me, really helps to reflect the personal journey that this song explores."

Elaborating on the music video's message and visual journey, Henry comments, "Really, the song is about something positive coming out of a horrible situation. Finding some sort of peace after having so many unsaid things when someone dies. It’s kind of a pro-active thing, finding that peace - you have to go on a journey and find a way to shout out all the things you didn’t say." Henry adds, "So, the video shows somebody in a really stagnant way of life, wallowing in all the things he never said. But then - he goes out and does something; he goes and climbs a mountain. It was meant to represent doing something useful and positive will all of the emotional energy you have when you grieve; climbing a mountain and then being able to look down at the journey you’ve taken, and finding some sort of peace."

HENRY BATEMAN "Received In Me" (Official Video)

In the interim, while we await the new album from this talented, emerging artist, be sure to check out Henry's most recent 2016/2017 singles, "Should I?" and "Ready Or Not/Mother"; his debut album, Take A Form (2015); and debut EP, Open Arms (2013).

For more information about Henry Bateman, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and find his music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, ReverbNation and Spotify.

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