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Mawule releases inspirational music video for Father's Day

Press photo of Mawule

Ghana-born and Denver-based R&B artist, Mawule (a.k.a. Ebenezer Yebuah), releases his inspirational and poignant new music video on Fathers Day 2017 for the song, "Anything", taken from his new album, Chosen. Born in Accra, Ghana, Mawule and his family moved to Denver when he was 10 years old, where music has always been a significant part of his life, starting with his participation in gospel choir. Mawule has used his music as a means of empowering others and reflecting human experiences, with his songs bringing awareness to topics such as race, poverty, sexual violence, suicide awareness, and self-discovery.

The story told in the music video for "Anything" reminds us of the significance of family, and portrays the authentic story of a young, single father struggling to make ends meet, while striving to provide, support and nurture his young daughter. Mawule's positive, uplifting music and lyrics are the perfect complement to this powerful video.

In Mawule's own words, "'Anything' is really about genuine love. My upbringing in a low-income household with parents working multiple jobs to provide for my siblings and I inspired the song. With that in mind, we portrayed this genuine love with the storyline of a single black father working hard and struggling to provide for his daughter. The goal was to shed a positive light on the black male image, spending time with their children, significant others, and loved ones. This video is going to be a must-watch for sure, as it celebrates black parenthood and fatherhood."

"As long as I got you | Baby you don’t need to | Worry about anything, anything, anything

You know you got my heart | My love is good enough | No need for anything, anything, anything"

The video for "Anything" was directed by Mia Ginaé, features DJ Zenas, and was produced by Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop at The Spot Studios.

MAWULE "Anything" (Official Music Video)

For more information about Mawule, visit his website, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and find his music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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