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Saturday (April 22) is Record Store Day 2017 - Don't Miss It!

Record Store Day (RSD) 2017

Record Store Day (RSD) 2017 takes place this Saturday, April 22! For anyone who might be wondering, "What is Record Store Day?", it's an annual event that now takes place in independent record stores around the world on a designated Saturday in April. It's a celebration of the culture and vibe of the independent record store - the place where you used to head to find new releases from local, independent bands, to seek out that limited edition blue vinyl 7" from your favorite UK band, and to browse through countless bins of used albums, CD's and cassettes (oh yeah, believe it or not - they are all the rage in some hipster circles). Independent record stores are back and are thriving more than ever before. RSD celebrates its TEN YEAR anniversary this year.

Each year, in advance of RSD, countless musical artists from around the world now plan exclusive, limited, releases that are launched and available (often in limited quantities) on RSD. If you're solely a digital music listener/buyer, RSD may not exactly be your cup of tea. RSD is about fans likely standing in a queue outside their local, independent record store on a Saturday morning before it opens, waiting to buy 7" and 12" vinyl records and box sets, cassettes and picture discs that they learned were going to be available. This is about returning to music that you can hold, touch and feel, with the occasional colored vinyl, lyric sheet bigger than your head, and heavy, freshly pressed vinyl.

Wherever you live, RSD is most likely happening somewhere near you. Go check it out. In addition to the RSD exclusive releases, most stores are hosting live, in-store performances from an artist or two, with some even including activities such as local micro-brewery samplings.

If I've kept your interest this far, here are your next steps (with helpful website links courtesy of SoundThread Music Blog):

  1. Find a record store near you that is participating in the event.

  2. Browse through the releases that will be available in your country (yes, they vary depending on what part of the globe you call home).

  3. Check your local record store's Facebook page or website to find out what events they might have going on, and possibly confirmation of what releases (and how many) they will have in stock.

  4. Get yourself out of bed on Saturday morning, and get in line at your local independent record store!

Taking a quick browse through the list of 100's of exclusive titles available in the US this Saturday, here are just a few that caught my eye ... maybe some of these might inspire you to do an early rise-and-shine Saturday to check out RSD 2017:

  • Brett Anderson (of Suede) - "Live At Koko, 2011" (LP)

  • The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever" (7" vinyl)

  • Big Star - "Complete Third: Vol 3: Final Masters" (2 LP)

  • The Buggles - "Video Killed the Radio Star" (LP)

  • Johnny Cash - "The Johnny Cash Children's Album" (LP)

  • Vic Chesnutt - "West of Rome" (2 LP)

  • Cocteau Twins - "Four Calendar Cafe" (LP) and "Milk and Kisses" (LP)

  • Conjure One - "Conjure One" (2 LP)

  • The Cure - "Acoustic Hits" (2 LP) and "Greatest Hits" (2 LP)

  • Deee-Lite - "Groove Is In The Heart/What Is Love?" (12" vinyl)

  • Dolly Parton - "Puppy Love" (7" vinyl)

  • Fleetwood Mac - "Alternate Mirage" (similar concept to the "Alternate Tusk" from RSD 2016)

  • Emmylou Harris - First 5 studio albums (5 LP box set + bonus 7")

  • Peter Hook & the Light - "Closer" (Vol 1 & 2), "Movement" (Vol 1 & 2), "Power, Corruption and Lies" (Vol 1 & 2), "Unknown Pleasures" (Vol 1, 2 & 3) ... all from recent live performances.

  • Anni-frid Lyngstad (of ABBA) - 1971 debut solo LP "Frida"

  • Stevie Nicks - "Rarities" (6-track 10" vinyl)

  • Peter Schilling - "Major Tom" (7" picture disc)

  • The Smiths - "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side/Rubber Ring" (7" vinyl)

  • Toto - "Africa/Rosanna" (shaped 7" picture disc)

  • Townes Van Zandt - "Live at Austin City Limits" (LP)

  • Vangelis - "Blade Runner" soundtrack (LP picture disc)

  • Various Artists - "Lost in Space: Title Themes from Irwin Allen's Hit TV Series" (12" picture disc)

  • Various Artists - "Wisconsin Vinyl Collective - Volume 1" (LP)

Happy shopping this Saturday!

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