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Matt Lovell | "Nobody Cries Today" (debut single)

Photo of Matt Lovell

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Matt Lovell releases his debut single "Nobody Cries Today", taken from his forthcoming album. Produced by Matt Odmark and featuring background vocals by Ruby Amanfu, "Nobody Cries Today" is a smooth, bluesy and rhythmic tune with uplifting, inspirational lyrics and fronted by Matt's soulful, soothing and melodic vocals: "Nobody cries today, not if I have my say | Open your eyes to the light of day."

I first heard Matt's music on his self-released "Sandbox" CD, a collection of demos and sketches from his forthcoming album. These are some of the most well-written and polished demos I've ever heard, with some pretty incredible standout tracks including "Lemonade", "Wallpaper" and "90 Proof". If the demos are any indication of the music we can expect to hear on Matt's debut album, it will be sure to attract a significant listener following and fan base.

Apart from the music itself, Matt is currently on the road to recovery, having suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, after an attempted carjacking in late January. An official GoFundMe recovery fund has been set up to help Matt get back on his feet again, and a benefit concert in the Nashville area recently took place to support his recovery. We wish Matt all the best!

For more information about Matt Lovell, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can listen to his music on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

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