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Amanda Mair | Rush (new single)

artwork for Amanda Mair "Rush" single

It's been nearly four years since we've heard new material from Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Mair. Her self-titled debut album, produced by Philip Ekström (The Mary Onettes), was released in 2012 by Labrador Records and contained three standout singles ("House", "Doubt" and "Sense") that put Amanda on the musical map.

In April 2016, we heard the first new material from Amanda in the form of a new single "Wednesday" - a moving, pulsing, and ethereal song. And just last week (October 14), a second new track ("Rush") was released, with cover artwork by Marcus Rönne. "Rush" starts out slowly like "Wednesday", but soon picks up energy and a soft, thumping electronic beat as Amanda sings "Feel the rush, feel the rush, as we touch, as we touch". The overall sound of this catchy pop gem is crisp, upbeat, and polished, and Amanda's vocals are strong and outstanding as always - a vocal style that is often compared to Kate Bush.

If "Wednesday" and "Rush" are any indication of what we might expect to hear on Amanda's forthcoming album, it will definitely be one to watch out for. At only 22 years old, this talented singer-songwriter has enormous potential for international success.

AMANDA MAIR "Wednesday" (Official Video)

Follow Amanda Mair on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. Listen to "Wednesday", "Rush" and her stunning 2012 debut album on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.

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