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I'm Seeing Songs | Music Video Spotlight (November 2020)

For this November installment of I'm Seeing Songs, we take a look and listen to four moving and outstanding new songs and their accompanying music videos that showcase elements of the artist performance, theme, location or other captivating visual elements that complement the music itself.

Read on as we feature music videos from Lanita Smith, Gianluca Pischedda, Darla Jade, and Louise Rutkowski.

Lanita Smith | Holdin' On

In the days leading up to the release of her new single, "Holdin' On," Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lanita Smith challenged fans and followers to become inspired to share a brief 10-15 second video of what they're holding on to. Using the #holdinon hashtag, video clips and meaningful messages were shared on Lanita's social media pages in this partnership with the Black Music Action Coalition. "Our struggles pave the way, but we hold on to all the yesterdays because they make us great," the musician writes on her social media sites. "This record is for us. It's ours and we will continue to write our stories together!" she adds. "Embrace the challenges of yesterday that make us resiliently great. Continue to hold on to the things that inspire you beyond measure."

The beautifully written "Holdin' On" is a poignant and inspirational song that provides a beacon of hope and light, with Lanita's soaring, emotive vocals elevating this melodic track to even greater heights. The single's accompanying music video features themes of unity and resilience, and was directed by William Stribling along with photography by Adam Gundersheimer, and additional footage courtesy of Ryan Garcia, Tim de la Motte, and Cody M. Yozipovic.

Gianluca Pischedda | Alma

2020 Editions is the new independent label curated by Sardinian composer Stefano Guzzetti. With artwork and designs curated by iconic graphic designer Chris Bigg, and a primary focus on mostly instrumental music, the label's first release, Alone, showcases the music of talented cello player and composer Gianluca Pischedda. The album features gorgeous cello arrangements interspersed with subtle electronic elements, creating an emotional soundscape that weaves passion, melancholy and energy together to form some of the most moving, modern instrumental string music I've heard.

The music video for album track, "Alma," was directed by Paolo Carboni and edited by Davide Dal Padullo, and features stunning pandemic lockdown video footage from southern Italy that is taken from the forthcoming 2021 documentary, Rumore Muto.

Darla Jade | Forget You Not

Midlands-based singer-songwriter Darla Jade recently released "Forget You Not," her personal, heartfelt and stripped back musical reflection on the struggles of those affected by dementia and Alzheimer's. With "Forget Me Not," Darla took her inspiration from her nan, who had just been at the beginning of battling the thought of attending assessments for dementia. Darla wrote "Forget Me Not" as she embarked on trying to discover and understand what her nan would be experiencing - a result that delicately and beautifully comes through in the song.

Co-written with Alex Hart and Mark Smith (who is also Darla's producer), "Forget Me Not" has moved those who have taken in and listened to the song's poignant message. "I've sung 'Forget You Not' a few times live prior to release," Darla comments. "Each time I have, it's really moved people and given those who have been affected by dementia a way to open up about their own personal experiences. Dementia is such a horrible illness and I want to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Society.” Darla will be donating a portion proceeds to the Alzheimer's Society and plans to host an event in May 2021 to raise funds dedicated to this charity. Be sure to watch the touching accompanying lyric video for "Forget Me Not," created by Eli Lev.

Louise Rutkowski | Two of a Kind

UK-based singer-songwriter Louise Rutkowski teamed up with director Kris Kesiak to create a stunning tapestry of cinematic visuals that depict parades of humanity from around the globe for her beautiful new single, "Two of a Kind." Fans of the 4AD label's iconic music collectives This Mortal Coil and The Hope Blister will instantly recognize Louise's stunning vocals from the first notes of the song. Co-written with Irvin Duguid and featuring Giuliano "Jools" Gizzi (GUN) on guitar, Doug Harper (Alexandra Burke, Susan Boyle) on drums, and Ryan Haberfield (Jessie J) on acoustic guitar, "Two of a Kind" is taken from Louise's recently released second solo album, Home.

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