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Tanya Nambiar | Midnight Run (new single)

Embarking on an expedition into the genre of electro pop music, New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Tanya Nambiar delivers "Midnight Run," her captivating and rhythmic new single. With its pulsing, late-night vibe and Tanya's velvety, entrancing vocals, "Midnight Run" is charged with an infectious chorus that immediately engages the listener. I fell in love with this magnetic track from my first listen.

Having recently won the Global Vima Music Award last year in Malaysia for the best female act, Tanya's music is constantly pushing boundaries as she seamlessly blends different genres to create a truly unique style of music.

While Tanya describes her music as 'easy listening', she points out that "Midnight Run" marks a different direction in her music releases. "'Midnight Run' is a song very different from the stuff I've released before. I've always wanted to create something for the electro pop genre and this song is a step towards that." Regarding the song's theme, Tanya reveals, "'Midnight Run' is about escaping reality and entering a fantasy land. I think we all need a bit of fantasy to spice things up and sometimes we need to enter a fantasy bubble to survive reality."

Aside from her passion for music as a singer-songwriter, Tanya works as a model and voice over artist and is co-founder of El Diablo Sauces with her spouse, Nikhil Shankaran Kutty, where they create a line of fresh and uniquely flavored sauces. Check them out if these are avaialable in your neck of the woods - all the flavors sound pretty phenomenal!

For more information about Tanya Nambiar, follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find her music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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