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Sophie Colette | Don't Worry (new single)

Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Sophie Colette recently dropped her up-tempo, pop anthem, "Don't Worry," the lead single ahead of her debut four-song EP, Kisses From Clay Street, slated for May 2023 release.

With motivational lyrics that reinforce the necessity of self-love, this infectious antidote to loneliness is the perfect sonic elixir for getting up and journeying through the day. Programmed drums and syncopation, inspired by the swagger of Dua Lipa, Litany, and Sigrid, drive "Don't Worry" forward, with Sophie's lush, melodic vocals guiding the listener throughout this danceable, feel-good track. "Don't Worry" was recorded at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, NY with co-producer Ben Rice (Valerie June, Jonas Brothers, Norah Jones), Charlie Culbert on drums, and mastering by Joe LaPorta.

Encouraging the idea of being a heroine of love for ourselves and others, the chorus sings: "Don’t worry Honey | I’ll fight for you | I’m gonna cover you with my love."

Recounting her creative process, Sophie remarks, "I wanted to write a song I could dance to, to shake off negativity, and get myself out of bed to make that cup of coffee in the morning and get dressed. I needed it as my own antidote to loneliness and self-doubt. It became a reminder that I could be my own cheerleader and push myself out of a funk." She adds, "Sometimes it takes seeing oneself in a different visual light to start appreciating and believing the power we hold within ourselves to keep creating and love stronger."

For readers new to Sophie Colette, her ambitions to create music were realized after being scouted at a high school reunion by former indie rock darlings, The Party Faithful. While supporting them on keys and vocals all over NYC, she met producer Ben Rice (Valerie June, Jonas Brothers, Norah Jones) of Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, New York and later presented him with a stack of sketchbooks filled with lyrics and visual palettes, bringing Sophie to the fore as a solo artist.

Beyond the current "Don't Worry" single release, Sophie reports that she plans to release a new single each month until her forthcoming EP is released in May.

For more information about Sophie Colette, visit her official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and listen on Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Apple Music.

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