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New Music Spotlight (February/March 2020)

With the first several months of 2020 racing by at a quicker pace than anticipated, this New Music Spotlight post collects a bit of February and early March new releases into a single post.

In this installment, we take a listen to impressive new music releases from Frank Moyo, Mere Child, R. Missing, Silver Torches, Hazlett, and Mos Isley. Be sure to add these stunning new tracks to your new music playlists!

Frank Moyo | "Friend of Mine"

Canadian-Italian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Frank Moyo releases his uplifting, yet deeply personal new single, "Friend of Mine." The track's lyrical theme is inspired by reflecting upon the loneliness and challenges stemming from no longer being with someone who was there through the thick and thin, and the personal growth that emerges with the power of human connection.

"You were there when I was hurting

You were there when I fell behind Even though our fire isn’t burning

Just know you’re a friend of mine"

The candid lyrics are elevated by lush waves of acoustic guitar, soaring, melodic chorus and Frank's heartfelt, emotive vocals. "Friend of Mine" was produced by Devon Lougheed, and features Seb Romanutti on keys and Kim Garzon on violin. Have listen to this outstanding track and keep your eyes and ears on the lookout for more new music from this emerging artist.

Mere Child | "Where We Are Now"

It's been nearly a year since Brighton-based singer-songwriter Mere Child (a.k.a. Aimee Hebert-Smith) released her last single ("Cold Light of Day"). During the lengthy hiatus, listeners were treated to a slew of outstanding new songs from the Morning Myth project, Aimee's collaboration with songwriter and guitarist Ross King, and their stunning debut album, Glass Sky. The Mere Child hiatus is now over with the release of "Where We Are Now" into the musical ether.

Queue up this track and take in the dreamy, string-laden opening sequence that slowly gives way to melancholic, acoustic undertones set to an upbeat, yet gentle tempo. Rays of sunlight shimmer atop the watery, electronic ebb and flow that is "Where We Are Now."

"It is beautiful where we are now

Let the water lie here for a while"

Aimee tells SoundThread Music Blog, "The track in essence is about being in the moment, trying not to worry about things out of your control. I think it’s easy to feel lost and worried about the future, what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes just standing still and being in the moment is beautiful. I’m trying to do that more!" I think "Where Are We Now" succeeds at just that. One attentive, meditative listen grounds the listener, instilling calm and perspective to move forward.

According to Aimee, we'll be hearing more new Mere Child songs in the not so distant future. She remarks, "I’m hoping to release another single in May, then all being well an album in late August."

R. Missing | "Suzywhereabout"

"You don't have to be precise, my world is just a prototype" is the haunting, hazy opening line of "Suzywhereabout," the dreamy, mysterious new single from American based electronic artist R. Missing. The slow, steady electronic pulse of "Suzywhereabout" is the unsettling sonic tapestry into which the tale of Suzy is weaved. R. Missing is the electronic duo of She Missing (vocals, bass) and He Missing (other), and "Suzywhereabout" is the band's first release on new label SALMIAK records. I first fell in love with R. Missing with their synth-driven 2017 debut single, "Kelly Was a Philistine" from their stunning debut EP, Unsummering.

The band's press release sheds light on the back story of Suzy and the origins of R. Missing's new single:

"Suzy's flat was empty on that Wednesday morning, maybe for one hour. Then I saw her light switch on. She's 85 years old. The only interactions we've had involve her telling me that if I ever need anything, "just ask." I've always been fascinated by empty phrases like that one. And I'm certain that she wasn't willing to give me anything that I actually wanted.

I had had the line in my head "you don't have to be precise / my world is just a prototype" for a few months already and we hadn't been able to make a chorus that made me feel anything. Somehow throwing this random woman into my blueprint started to make so much sense, and in that world, I imagined all of the things I could request of her without limitation. In the simulation running in my mind, nearly every choice I make leads to my death. It's happened so many times that I often forget where I was the last time I died.

All Suzy does is stare out her window all day, which is why it's an event when she leaves for even an hour or so at a time. From her window, I'm sure she's seen me die hundreds of times. The least she can do is tell me where to find my body." (R. Missing, 2020)

Silver Torches | "Love Someone"

Seattle-based indie-Americana band Silver Torches, the music project of singer-songwriter Erik Walters, last imparted new music to the masses with its entrancing 2017 album, Let It Be A Dream. One of the album's singles, "If I Reach" easily landed in our list of favorite songs of 2017. In the several year hiatus of Silver Torches, Erik has been busy with songwriting, producing other artists, and regularly recording and performing with Seattle-based indie rock band Pedro the Lion.

The first three months of 2020 have seen three new single releases from Silver Torches, including "Love Someone" the single we spotlight here. Taken from the band's forthcoming album, Bermuda Dunes (due out March 20), this energized, ultra-smooth rocker with Erik's emotive, melodic vocals, and a driving beat will have you singing along to its infectious chorus in no time.

On social media, Erik comments, "I wrote this one with Brandon Zahursky (RIVVRS) and producer/songwriter Andrew Heringer on a beautiful April day in Los Angeles In 2018. We wrote it fast and mostly hung out sharing stories about music and drinking lemon water in the sun. It was a good day."

Hazlett | "Easy Now Tiger"

Brisbane singer-songwriter Hazlett releases "Easy Now Tiger," his first new single of 2020, hot on the heels of last year's stunning acoustic indie anthem, "Monsters." Taking the tempo down a few notches, "Easy Now Tiger" features a smooth and chill, atmospheric soundscape with Hazlett's emotive, heartfelt vocals and a downtempo, 'late night' electronic vibe.

In his social media posts, Hazlett explains the underlying theme of "Easy Now Tiger," remarking that it's: "...a song about long distance love and trying to keep things together. For all those missing someone but don’t know how to tell them, I feel you and all I can say is hold on, hold on."

Written by Hazlett and Freddy Alexander, "Easy Now Tiger" is taken from Hazlett's forthcoming EP, set for release in early 2020, which will also include his previous singles, "Monsters," "Suncats" and "Fireworks."

Mos Isley | "Someone To Call My Own"

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, alternative/indie pop band Mos Isley releases its captivating, alt-pop single, "Someone To Call My Own," a powerful, pleading rock anthem with killer hooks, infectious chorus and the band's signature falsetto mixed melodies. Comprised of Philip Montagu-Evans, Johan Holmgren, Hugo Lundwall, and Jocke Jensen, the band made their entry into the music scene with their acclaimed 2015 debut single, "Mirrors."

"I want someone to call my own

Someone to share my rhythm and to follow home

Somewhere I belong

Someone to call my own"

Since its release, "Someone To Call My Own" has been garnering significant attention in the form of Swedish radio play, inclusion in a number of Spotify playlists, and was recently featured on ABC TV's hit series, The Good Doctor.

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