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GRITS. | You've Seen It All (new single and video)

My introduction to the captivating sounds of Brooklyn-based GRITS. was with "Darlin'," the band's soulful, R&B-themed 2018 debut single. Racking up nearly 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone since its release, this spectacular number has been described as "super alluring" and "a perfect harmony.. a campfire song for sure." Comprised of Eric Breeding (vocals), James Ruffino (lead guitar), Nolan Williams (keyboards, guitar), Will Whatley (drums), and Mike Straus (bass), GRITS. kicked off the new year with the release of its latest single, "You've Seen It All," another bold, emotive and impressive rock 'n roll/soul gem that epitomizes the band's rousing musical presence and knack for solid songwriting.

In "You've Seen It All," Eric's gripping, raw and heartfelt vocals lament the desire to find that someone who loves you more than anything.

Yeah you held me like you've seen it all

Oh but you're just a face without a name

And everyone you love changes

Oh somehow you feel the same

The single's accompanying music video presents a late night, cigarette and drink-in-hand performance by Eric ambling about a NYC street amidst the blustery wind and snow. The vibe and city backdrop in the video clip perfectly capture the angst-filled and emotional plea of "You've Seen It All."

Check out the band's previous single, "Lay In Blue," and watch out for more stunning new music from GRITS. throughout 2021.

For more information about GRITS., visit the band's official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), and listen on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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