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Cafe Disko | Kids Love Disko (debut EP)

My first listen to Chicago-based DJ/electronic duo Cafe Disko was with its impressive 2017 collaboration with singer-songwriter DIVMOND and the nocturnal, club culture single, "We Came To Dance." Comprised of musicians Patrick Ditzel and Paul Alqas, Cafe Disko recently released its debut EP, Kids Love Disko, containing six "latte and chill" tracks which feature a variety of vocalists, songwriters and musicians, including Joe Cardigan, Oli Outside, Vaance, She Is Jules, Joey Burbs, AndyB, and Chason.

While each of the tracks on the EP takes on its own aura, there's an underlying vibe of serious, sophisticated songwriting going on here. This is far from any mindless, thumping club music. There's a great deal of emotion, angst and realness that beams through in each of the residents of Kids Love Disko.

Opening track "Lost Your Mind" is outstanding with Joe Cardigan's powerful, soulful vocals that provide an emotional depth to this solid number and its infectious chorus. On the energized "Shatter," vocalist Oli Outside laments the angst of a relationship falling apart. She is Jules emotively longs to be "me again" in the upbeat and reflective "Love Me." The touching "Wrong for Me" features a delicate acoustic treatment in the production, along with the melodic and heartfelt vocals of Joey Burb. The lyrical theme reflects on the heartbreak and realization that love is not meant to be. AndyB delivers the vocals on the brassy "Love Drunk" with its clever blend of hip hop and acoustic guitar with punchy lyrics, "I drink 'til I'm drunk | I can never get enough." Chason closes out Kids Love Disko with a forthright confession of infidelity and how the walls could talk in "Unfaithful."

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