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Au Gres | Do You Think We're Old Enough (new single)

Michigan-based indie/bedroom pop Au Gres (a.k.a., singer-songwriter Josh Kemp) reminisces about rainy summer days with a hopefulness that clearer skies are soon to follow in his spacious, warm and upbeat new single, "Do You Think We're Old Enough."

Josh conceptualized the Au Gres (aʷ grā) moniker under modest, unpretentious circumstances, or as he relates, "in a bedroom, on a flimsy desk, with unimpressive equipment." Blending elements of indie rock, lo-fi and synth pop, Au Gres made its debut in late 2020 with breakthrough single "Nervous" and its clever, bending guitar hooks, catchy chorus and Josh's smooth, melodic vocals. Follow up single, "At Home In The Dark," featured memorable hooks, passionate vocals, and a key theme of "We'll do what it takes to feel at home in the dark" - a spirited, compassionate lyric offering the listener a space to wrestle with their mental health.

For his new single, Josh worked with producer Alexandre Hirlinger (of the band Coastal Club) out of his studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Intertwining melodic guitars with dreamy synths, along with Josh's earnest, vibrant vocals, "Do You Think We're Old Enough" is yet another solid and promising single that's sure to find its way onto indie playlists and introduce more listeners to the captivating sounds of Au Gres.

Josh comments on the new single: "'Do You Think We're Old Enough' is a story about what happens when our ambitions are met by challenging circumstances and the growth that comes from those experiences. It's my favorite track to date and I hope it resonates with you as well."

I'm so sorry

For dreaming about the future

Maybe I'll be

Better when we're old enough

Hey I'm sorry

For dreaming about the future

You and I'll be

Better when we're old enough

For more information about Au Gres, visit the official artist website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and listen on Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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