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Cardinal Harbor | Vulture Hottub (new album)

Photo of Cardinal Harbor by Britt McCreary

It's been just over three years since Chicago-based progressive indie rock band Cardinal Harbor released its last full-length album, Euclid. With a history that began several years back in a college dorm stairwell, the band is comprised of former college grads who create emerging indie music with a modern, independent vibe. In addition to front man Spencer McCreary (vocals, guitar, synth, violin), the band includes Chris Hills (bass, guitar), Joel Stapleton (synth, guitar), Mark Andersen (drums), Taylor Dalton (guitar), and Scott Carrick (saxophone). From the moment I heard the outstanding "Revere" from the band's Euclid album, it was obvious that there was some pretty impressive synergy and talent emanating from Cardinal Harbor.

During the three year silence following Euclid, the band has been hard at work on their fourth full-length album, Vulture Hottub - an impressive, intricate and slightly experimental collection of new material that I'm calling the perfect late night, indie math rock soundtrack. Dreamlike, psychedelic and dynamic, with elements of lyrical mystery, Vulture Hottub marks a well-executed musical shift for the band that spotlights the magnitude of musical and songwriting depth the band is capable of crafting.

It's hard to describe, but as I listen to Vulture Hottub, I sense a strong, cohesive musical thread throughout, but at the same time, pick up on a variety of disparate musical influences, including Pink Floyd (moments from The Wall), Mark Hollis (Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden), Radiohead, and even a hint of Tears for Fears (in "J.K.E" - think "The Working Hour" from Songs from the Big Chair). The entire album comes together epically and is a fresh, innovative step forward for the band. My favorite track is the band's recent single, "F.O.M.O.", along with "Jawb" and "Krowmeat."

Check out Vulture Hottub for yourself on Spotify, Bandcamp or SoundCloud. You won't be disappointed! For more information about Cardinal Harbor, visit the band's official website, and follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

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