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KÅRP | Devotion (new single)

KÅRP photo by Karin Simonsson

Swedish four-piece "death disco" outfit KÅRP returns with the release of their new single "Devotion" - a haunting, yet beautifully melodic electronic track that gives a nod to the paranormal - in particular, with the song's mysterious and somewhat rattling teaser video.

Consisting of members Tobias Müller, Jonas Källstrand, Anna-Maria Lundberg, and Anders Simonsson, the band has already released three noteworthy singles ("Freak Smile", "Therapist^2" and "She 3/4") that have garnered significant attention from the Swedish and international music press and blogs, with their music being featured on various digital music playlists and streaming services.

The track features the beautifully atmospheric vocals and presence of lead singer Anna-Maria - sounding much like The Knife's Karin Dreijer, with a sprinkling of Kate Bush and Lykke Li for good measure. Like previous single "Freak Smile", the song rises to anthemic proportions as it reaches its pulsing, melancholic chorus.

KÅRP "DEVOTION" (Teaser Video)

Band member Tobias explains that the band refers to their music as "death disco" because they "love finding beauty right in between melancholy and upbeat dance music." Regarding the theme of "Devotion", Tobias tells SoundThread Music Blog: "The song is about being taken back to a love affair way in the past through a nightmare, and how that nightmare evokes feelings you thought you had made your peace with. For us, the haunting lyrics and the dark melodic vibe, mixed with an energetic sing-along chorus, are the key to the KÅRP sound."

All it takes is one listen to "Devotion" (or any of KÅRP's previous singles, for that matter) to be convinced that this unique mix of musical elements is clearly a winning combination for the band. I can't wait to hear more from this emerging, breakthrough presence in the indie/electronic music scene!

For more information about KÅRP, follow the band on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and find their music on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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