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Sense | New singles (There Goes My Heart, I Like It)

Sense photo by Clémence Lévecque and Victor De Belledonne

Sense is the musical project of three engineering students (Matthieu, Paul and Marius) from Lyon, France, who entered the music scene back in August 2017 with their impressive debut EP Esper. Their unique blend of electronic-influenced soul and pop is refreshing, appealing and infectious. The concept of the band name is based on the five human senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing). According to the band, each track from their Esper EP (a wordplay on "extra-sensory perception") embodies a different sense.

I first heard of Sense earlier this year with their single "All Mine", an impressive collaboration with Philadelphia-based R&B/pop duo Eleven - a song that's since garnered nearly three millions streams on Spotify alone. The trio has recently released two new singles from their forthcoming Taste EP that are outstanding, infectious "must listens".

"There Goes My Heart" is a collaboration that features Australian newcomer Holmsey (aka Mitch Holmes) and singer-songwriter Rory McKenna. This mellow, relaxed electronic track couldn't be any smoother and perfect than it is. The soulful vocals and catchy chorus will have you singing along with this rhythmic, gently-pulsing electronic pop gem.

The band's latest single, "I Like It", follows along in a similar musical style with a sunny, upbeat, finger-snapping tempo and impressive, melodic vocals - a fitting soundtrack to your summer.

The trio of Sense clearly has the talent for creating infectious, sophisticated and upbeat electronic musical gems. I can't wait to hear more new music and collaborations from this emerging band.

For more information about Sense, visit their official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and find their music on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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