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Need for Speed | c/o (debut single)

Press photo of Need for Speed

While browsing through my Instagram feed, I stumbled on a short soundclip in a post from Swedish electronic artist and producer Familjen (Johan T Karlsson) which introduced Need for Speed, a band he'd been working with on their debut single "c/o" (i.e., "in care of"). The bold, analog-sounding synths, upbeat tempo and smooth, droning, echoing vocals immediately caught my attention. Wow! The overall atmosphere is reminiscent of late 80's/early 90's dark pop, synth and industrial music. Think Depeche Mode ("Master and Servant"), Camouflage, Cetu Javu, Cause & Effect, etc.

I don't know much more about the duo than what I've gathered from a few careful Google searches. Need for Speed hails from Malmö, Sweden, has roots in the noir punk band RA, and is comprised of Martin Nilsson and Felix Mårtensson. "c/o" is produced by Familjen, and the duo is working on an album scheduled for release in Fall 2018. Lyrically, the song is about the angst of overdoing it on a night out - when your fourth beer has taken control, and you find yourself heading home at sunrise (instead of the night before).

Outside of "c/o", the only other music I've found from the duo is an awesome live session of a track called "Shared Secrets" - a bit more down-tempo, but equally as impressive. Have a listen/watch below.

NEED FOR SPEED "SHARED SECRETS" (Live Session) courtesy of Simon Minó

I'm definitely keeping Need for Speed on my musical radar solely based on these two outstanding tracks, and looking forward to more great new music from this emerging duo.

For more information about Need for Speed, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram), and find the band's music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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