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Lissie | Best Days (new single)

Press photograph of Lissie

It's been nearly ten years since the incredible voice of Lissie entered my musical radar. I can recall hearing DJ Morgan Page's 2008 single, "The Longest Road," and asking "Who is singing that? Sounds like Stevie Nicks." It was not Stevie - it was indie rock, singer-songwriter Lissie (a.k.a. Elisabeth Maurus), a native of Rock Island, Illinois, who collaborated with Morgan to record this fantastic, breakthrough song. I immediately became a fan of Lissie, her powerful voice, and talented songwriting.

"Best Days" is Lissie's latest single, taken from her forthcoming fourth album, Castles (due March 23). With autobiographical, introspective lyrics that tell of her journey from college to Ojai, California to back-to-basics farm life in rural Iowa - moving forward to "the next best thing," Lissie is invincible and determined to live forever. This is definitely the song you'll want to listen to when you lose faith in "the best is yet to come." Complement that with a melody, production and vibe that are uplifting, powerful and inspirational, and you have a killer Lissie track.

"The best days of my life are coming for me, waiting to be realized. I keep my eye on that prize. If the best days that I'll know are just in the past, how’m I gonna last forever?

I want more best days."

In my mind, Lissie is a true indie rock badass. One just needs to listen to her music or attend one of her live performances to understand - she belts it out like nobody else, giving her audience 100% heart and soul. In fact, the last time I attended a Lissie concert in Chicago, she had a broken arm. This didn't stop her from performing - she sought help of a musician friend who played guitar for her while she delivered a truly memorable, goosebump-raising performance. If you don't get it from listening to her recordings, let me tell you that she has one of the most powerful, emotive voices I've ever heard in a live performance. She could seriously do the entire show without a microphone.

Short of an official music video for the track, check out this recent live performance of "Best Days" (courtesy of The Current) for a taste of what a Lissie live performance entails:

LISSIE "BEST DAYS" (Live on The Current)

For more information about Lissie, visit her official website, follow her on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and find her music on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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